Māngere Mountain

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Māngere Mountain
Mangere Mountain.jpg
Māngere Mountain seen from Ambury Regional Park
Highest point
Elevation106 m (348 ft)
Coordinates36°56′59″S 174°46′59″E / 36.9496°S 174.7831°E / -36.9496; 174.7831Coordinates: 36°56′59″S 174°46′59″E / 36.9496°S 174.7831°E / -36.9496; 174.7831
Māngere Mountain is located in New Zealand
Māngere Mountain
Māngere Mountain
Māngere, Auckland, New Zealand
Volcanic arc/beltAuckland volcanic field

Māngere Mountain is a volcanic cone in Mangere, Auckland. Located within Māngere Domain, it is one of the largest volcanic cones in the Auckland volcanic field, with a peak 106 metres (348 ft) above sea level. It was the site of a major (Māori fortified settlement) and many of the pā's earthworks are still visible. It has extensive panoramic views of Auckland from its location in the southeastern portion of the city's urban area.[1][2] It is also known as Te Pane o Mataoho.[3]

The volcano features two large craters. It has a wide crater with a lava dome near its centre, a feature shared by no other volcano in Auckland. It first erupted approximately 70,000 years ago.[1][4]

The mountain is one of the largest and best preserved of Auckland's volcanic cones. Many archaeological features remain, including kumara pits, garden terraces, walled garden mounds and stone boundary walls.[2]

Near the mountain to the southwest is Mangere Lagoon, filling another volcanic crater.


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