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For the village in Arad County, see Vinga.
Calvaria Church

Mănăştur (Hungarian Kolozsmonostor; German Abtsdorf) is a district of the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca which has been a part of the city since 1895. During Hungarian administration (1941-1944), Mănăștur was situated 1km from border with Kingdom of Romania, at Feleacu. The district was changed during Nicolae Ceauşescu's systematisation rule to the site of an older settlement. Its population as of 2007 is approximately 126,600. It is home to the Cluj-Napoca Calvaria Church, a Benedictine abbey built in the 9th-10th centuries.

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Coordinates: 46°45′21.19″N 23°33′7.84″E / 46.7558861°N 23.5521778°E / 46.7558861; 23.5521778