Mērsrags Lighthouse

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Mērsrags Lighthouse
Mērsraga bāka
Mērsrags Lighthouse
Mērsrags Lighthouse is located in Latvia
Mērsrags Lighthouse
Coordinates57°21′57.2″N 23°7′11.78″E / 57.365889°N 23.1199389°E / 57.365889; 23.1199389Coordinates: 57°21′57.2″N 23°7′11.78″E / 57.365889°N 23.1199389°E / 57.365889; 23.1199389
Year first constructed1875
Deactivated1917 Edit this on Wikidata
Constructioncast iron
Tower shapecylindrical hold up by eight buttresses tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite tower with red trim
Tower height62 feet (19 m)
Focal height85 feet (26 m)
Range15 nautical miles (28 km; 17 mi)
CharacteristicFl W 5s.
Admiralty numberC3494
NGA number12228
ARLHS numberLAT-009
Latvia numberUZ-375[1]
HeritageNational industrial monument Edit this on Wikidata

Mērsrags Lighthouse (Latvian: Mērsraga bāka) - a lighthouse located on the Bay of Riga, on the Latvian coast of the Baltic Sea.[2] It is located on a headland, stretching as a cape into the Bay of Riga, by a stony shoal.[3]


The lighthouse was built in 1875, and is called the Frenchwoman, as the lens, an invention of the French, is used as its signal. The lighthouse was devastated in World War I, when its metal structure was distorted by a fire. The current lighthouse was built in 1922, and is strengthened by eight wrought iron inserts, with the exterior walls sheathed with riveted metal plating.[4]

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