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Mze Pavlovice.jpg
Mže near Pavlovice
Countries Germany, Czech Republic
Source Mies 
 - location Griesbacher Wald, Germany
 - elevation 726 m (2,382 ft)
 - coordinates 49°51′10″N 12°28′00″E / 49.85278°N 12.46667°E / 49.85278; 12.46667
Mouth Berounka River
 - location Plzeň City
 - coordinates 49°45′12″N 13°23′24″E / 49.75333°N 13.39000°E / 49.75333; 13.39000Coordinates: 49°45′12″N 13°23′24″E / 49.75333°N 13.39000°E / 49.75333; 13.39000
Length 106.5 km (66 mi)
Basin 1,828.6 km2 (706 sq mi)
 - average 8.5 m3/s (300 cu ft/s)

The Mže (Czech pronunciation: [ˈm̩ʒɛ]; German: Mies) is a 107 km long river in the Czech Republic. Its source is situated in the Griesbach Forest (726 metres), Germany, near the village of Asch, in the municipality of Mähring, Tirschenreuth district. It forms the state boundary for a short distance of 3 kilometers and then finally enters Czech territory. It passes through the towns of Tachov and Stříbro. At the confluence with the Radbuza, it forms the Berounka in Pilsen. Its major left affluent is Hamerský potok and the right affluent is Úhlava. There are two water dams on the Mže, Lučina and Hracholusky, both in the Tachov district. The basin area of the Mže is 1,828.6 km².