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Morghue Ashura Tactical Fighter
Role Combat aircraft
National origin Iran
Manufacturer Iran Aviation Industries Organization
Designer Iran Aviation Industries Organization
Status Cancelled
Primary user Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
Developed from Mikoyan Project LFI

The M-ATF program was originally a project between Russia and Iran to produce a fourth generation jet fighter plane that would be excellent for developing nations who want to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. The program was eventually abandoned by Russia and Iran, though now some evidence has become available that Iran has either revived the program or using it to advance its Shafaq program. The program traces its roots to the Russian cancelled Mikoyan Project LFI program; the aircraft was also referred to as the MiG-I-2000 or Vityaz2000.A model of the original aircraft was shown at Iran Airshow 2005.

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