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Mighty Atom Smasher Records
Founded 9/11 2001
Founder Robert Plant
Status current
Genre All genres
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Kidderminster Worcestershire England
Official website http://www.mightyatomsmasher.com/

M.A.S. Records is an independent Record Label and music development program founded in 2001 by Kevyn Gammond with musicians Robert Plant and Karl Hyde as its patrons.


The label was founded in 2001 by Kevyn Gammond who was a founder member of the Band of Joy alongside Robert Plant and Jimmy Page who went on to form Led Zeppelin. Kevyn worked with Jimmy Cliff and Jess Roden (among others) which led him to tour with The Rolling Stones Jimi Hendrix and The Who His knowledge of the music industry then led him to write and develop a pioneering music development course, a move that led to the creation of M.A.S Records.[1] In 2004 M.A.S Records teamed up with BBC Radio Hereford And Worcester and the Clifford T Ward foundation to launch the Clifford T Ward songwriting competition[2] which became a big success gaining the label international recognition when Arts And Entertainment U.S.A filmed a documentary following the label's success and Robert Plant's involvement as patron - the documentary has since been broadcast in the U.S.A and worldwide. In 2006 M.A.S. Records was presented with the European Social Fund Award for Learning Achievements, and then in 2008 they won the Rockschool sponsored National Music Award from Access To Music[3] in recognition of the label's outstanding achievement, standards, and quality of provision.[4] In 2010 M.A.S continued their involvement with Access To Music and Rockschool when they showcased their up-and-coming bands at the SXSW music festival in Austin Texas which is one of the largest festivals in the U.S.A. M.A.S Records receives funding from the European Social Fund, the Learning & Skills Council, Advantage West Midlands and Rockschool, Ltd.

List of M.A.S Records artists[edit]


  • A Certain Silence
  • Adore
  • Advent Children
  • Atlanta House


  • Bad Sugar
  • Beyond the Bay
  • Bite the Kerb
  • Blue Season
  • Buried Secrets


  • Cafe De Kashmir
  • The Cakes
  • Casual Agenda
  • Caught In The Moment
  • Chevron
  • Clobber
  • Call Me When You're Famous


  • Daiquiri Cannons
  • Damsons in Distress
  • Dance A La Plage
  • Delirium Theory
  • Done By Sunrise
  • Dreamers Nightmares


  • Empire
  • Exide
  • Exodus Calling
  • Endgame


  • Feird Wish
  • Fizzler
  • Flipside Skin



  • Holocene
  • Peanut and the Dudes
  • Head To Head


  • Influx
  • Indifferent
  • Impartial Addiction
  • Intrepid


  • Jester


  • Kairos
  • Keep The Change
  • Killtimers
  • Kill Joy City
  • Karkosa


  • Last Masquerade
  • Lost in Olympus
  • Lovats


  • Man Half Machine
  • More Than You Bargained For
  • Morning Glory
  • Mordrake


  • Not By Decision
  • Native Sons
  • News at Ten


  • Only Route Out
  • Open Arms


  • Page 44
  • The Press
  • Pretentious Class
  • Pretty Selective
  • Pixel Fix


  • The Regulars
  • Relocate My Satellites
  • Ronin
  • Rising Struggle


  • Seeley's Jazz'Ole
  • ShinKicker
  • Shoot The Runner
  • Stormridden
  • Switchplay


  • Tree
  • The Breakout Scene
  • The Common
  • The Culture
  • The Grade
  • The Limelight
  • The Nortons
  • The SJS Band
  • Teddy Punch
  • That Cavalier Attitude
  • Their Souls for Gold
  • This Memory
  • Three Piece Lawsuit
  • Treason Kings
  • Trying The Tides
  • The Press
  • The Warped
  • Trivax


  • Vague Process


  • We Are Saviours
  • Wychbury Cartel
  • Winstons Big Brother

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