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Matthew Atmore Sherring (1826–1880), usually cited as M.A. Sherring, was a Protestant missionary in India who was also an Indologist and wrote a number of works related to India.

M.A. Sherring was senior Anglican missionary in the city of Varanasi.[1]


  • Hindu Tribes and Castes as Represented in Benares. (Three Volumes, 1872-1881, published by Thacker, Spink, London)
  • Benares-the Sacred City of the Hindus in Ancient and Modern Times
  • The History of Protestant Missions in India
  • The Indian Church During the Great Rebellion, James Nisbet & Co., London, 1859.
  • Tribes and Castes of the Madras Presidency-Together With an Account of Tribes and Castes of Mysore, the Nilgiris and Traveancore Etc.


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