M.E Foundation Secondary School

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M.E Foundation Secondary School
Karachi, Sindh
Type Private
Motto The Prime Mover of Scientific Foundations
Established 1992
Founder Farhan Yousuf Khan, Shehnaz Yousuf Khan
Principal Shehnaz Yousuf Khan
Faculty 150
Enrollment 2,000

M.E Foundation Secondary School or Merit 2 Excel Foundation Secondary School is one of the largest private English medium school in Mahmudabad, Karachi, Pakistan. It offers preschool, primary education, secondary education and preparation for local SSC. The School offers separate education for boys and girls.


Grade Local title Age
Preschool Nursery 3+
Kindergarten 1 4+
Kindergarten 2 5+
Grade I Primary I 6+
Grade II Primary II 7+
Grade III Primary III 8+
Grade IV Primary IV 9+
Grade V Primary V 10+
Grade VI Secondary I 11+
Grade VII Secondary II 12+
Grade VIII Secondary III 13+
Grade IX SSC I 14+
Grade X SSC II 15+