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M.H. Laddé at the wheel of his Willys-Knight in front of his house in Nigtevecht
Photograph by M.H. Laddé of J.W. Merkelbach

M.H. (Machiel Hendricus) Laddé[1] (5 November 1866 – 18 February 1932) was a Dutch photographer and film director. He was the director of the first Dutch fictional film, the 1896 comedy Gestoorde hengelaar (English: Disturbed Angler).[2][3][4]

Between 1896 and c.1906 Laddé made several short silent movies for the studio Eerst Nederlandsch Atelier tot het vervaardigen van Films voor de Bioscoop en Cinematograaf M.H. Laddé & J.W. Merkelbach. These were shown by the traveling cinema of Christiaan Slieker (1861-1945).[5]

None of Laddé's films have been preserved.

Laddé also was a well-known photographer with his own studio in Buiksloot[4] (now part of Amsterdam) and was the son-in-law of the photographer J.W. Merkelbach (Johannes Wilhelm, known as Wim) (1873-1922)[3][6][7] who was his business partner.[8]


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