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Doctor Daniel Hale Williams School for the Arts, M.S. 180, is a public secondary school serving grades 6-8 in the Bronx, New York City. The intermediate school is located in 700 Baychester Avenue in Co-op City.[1] However, it attracts students from throughout the borough and even other parts of the city. Rigorous auditions are held for admission into school, though many get in because of geographic enrollment. The institution focuses on talents such as fine arts, theater arts, instrumental music, video production, vocal music, dance, as well as computer science and more. Under the New York City Department of Education's initiative to form small academies within each school, M. S. 180 is broken up into the Schools of the Moving Image, STAR, International, and Law and Public Service. The Parent Coordinator is Rita Henry. Many of the school's clubs include Step Team, Dream Team (Dance), Flag Football Team, Yearbook Staff, Community Team, Project Boost, Modeling, Library LEADers and much more. Every summer,they give out papers to 6 graders to prepare for school and each student has to read 3 novels from the list that has been given and there is project choices 1-10 each student can do 1-3 project choices. Until the first day of school, teachers grade the project. The school is known as an exemplary arts school in District 11.

M.S. 180 is divided into smaller learning communities known as Houses. They are the School for the Moving Image, International School, School for Law and Public Service and the School for Science, Technology and Research, aka "STAR".

As of fall 2002, Frank Uzzo is the principal. Prior to that the school was headed under James Duffy.[2]

Coordinates: 40°52′27″N 73°49′55″W / 40.87417°N 73.83194°W / 40.87417; -73.83194

Staff and administration[edit]

Teachers in M.S. 180 help students with their work during school hours and after school hours. Extended day is given to those who struggle during the school day. We have great staff and administration that focus on helping our future stars. There are many guidance counselours for children who want to talk to someone. Each year we have various activities go on. Step team goes to Nationals every year to battle and show off their moves. Before the holidays we collect canned food for the less fortunate. Seniors have many senior activities including prom, senior trip and graduation.


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