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M. G. Sanchez

M. G. Sanchez is a Gibraltarian writer. He has written over a dozen books, all of which broach the subject of Gibraltarian identity. Articles about Sanchez's work have appeared in different European university journals, including British and American Studies,[1] Il Tolomeo,[2] the Alicante Journal of English Studies,[3] ES Review,[4] Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies, [5] the Kervan International Journal of Afro-Asiatic Studies,[6] as well as in books such as Ritorno a Babele: esercizi di globalizzazione[7] and (Post)Colonial Passages: Incursions and Excursion Across the Literatures and Cultures in English.[8]

Sanchez has spoken about his books at different European university venues, including the University of Salamanca,[9] the University of Turin,[10] the University of the Balearic Islands,[11][12] the University of Portsmouth,[13] the University of Strasbourg,[14] the University of Barcelona,[15] the University of Northumbria,[16] the University of Lisbon,[17] the University of Gibraltar,[18] King's College London,[19] and the University of Basel,[20] for which he wrote a special autobiographical piece entitled 'Fifty Years of Unbelonging.'[21] He also took part in the 2017 Gibraltar International Literary Festival, delivering a talk entitled 'Representing Gibraltarianness,'[22] and in the 2018 version of the event, where he gave a talk about his book Bombay Journal.[23] Writing in the well-known British publication the New Statesman in early 2015, Sanchez stated that his intention as a writer and speaker was "to present a Gibraltar that feels more real and more tangible than the “contested territory” cliché that readers so often encounter in newspaper editorials."[24]

Sanchez has also taken part in various radio programmes, including ABC's Late Night Live [25] with veteran broadcaster Phillip Adams, the BBC World Service's The Cultural Frontline with Tina Daheley[26] and Antena Caro's Lletres Ebrenques with Emigdi Subirats i Sebastià.[27]

His book Past: A Memoir (2016), relates the hardships his family endured during the Gibraltarian border crisis of 2013 and also describes a walk which Sanchez undertook in Gibraltar's Upper Town Area in the company of the British Historian Nicholas Rankin.

Sanchez holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Leeds.[28]

List of books

Rock of Empire (2001)

Rock Black: Ten Gibraltarian Stories (2006)

Writing the Rock of Gibraltar: An Anthology of Literary Texts, 1720-1890 (2006)

The Prostitutes of Serruya's Lane and other Hidden Histories (2007)

Diary of a Victorian Colonial and other Tales (2008)

Georgian and Victorian Gibraltar: Incredible Eyewitness Accounts (2012)

The Escape Artist (2013)

Solitude House (2015)

Jonathan Gallardo (2015)

Past: A Memoir (2016)

Bombay Journal (2018)

Crossed Lines (2019)

Border Control and other Autobiographical Pieces (2019)

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