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M. G. Sanchez (as pictured in the promotional brochure for the 2017 Gibraltar Literary Festival)

M. G. Sanchez is a Gibraltarian writer. He has written several novels and books of short stories, all of which broach the subject of Gibraltarian identity. Articles about Sanchez's work have appeared in different European university journals and forums, including British and American Studies,[1] Il Tolomeo,[2] the Alicante Journal of English Studies,[3] ES Review[4] the University of Turin's 'Aperto Unito' website,[5] the Kervan International Journal of Afro-Asiatic Studies,[6] as well as in books such as Ritorno a Babele: esercizi di globalizzazione[7] and (Post)Colonial Passages: Incursions and Excursion Across the Literatures and Cultures in English.[8]

Sanchez has spoken about his books at different European university venues, including the University of Salamanca (in 2016,[9] 2017[10] and 2018[11]), the University of Turin,[12] the University of the Balearic Islands,[13][14] the University of Portsmouth,[15] the University of Strasbourg[16], the University of Barcelona[17], the University of Northumbria[18] the University of Gibraltar [19],and the University of Basel,[20] for which he wrote a special autobiographical piece entitled 'Fifty Years of Unbelonging.'[21] He also took part in the 2017 Gibraltar International Literary Festival, delivering a talk entitled 'Representing Gibraltarianness,'[22] and in the 2018 version of the event, where he gave a talk about his book Bombay Journal.[23] Writing in the well-known British publication the New Statesman in early 2015, Sanchez stated that his intention as a writer and speaker was "to present a Gibraltar that feels more real and more tangible than the “contested territory” cliché that readers so often encounter in newspaper editorials."[24]

Sanchez has also taken part in various radio programmes, including ABC's Late Night Live [25] with veteran broadcaster Phillip Adams, the BBC World Service's The Cultural Frontline with Tina Daheley[26] and Antena Caro's Lletres Ebrenques with Emigdi Subirats i Sebastià.[27]

His book Past: A Memoir (2016), relates the hardships his family endured during the Gibraltarian border crisis of 2013 and also describes a walk which Sanchez undertook in Gibraltar's Upper Town Area in the company of the British Historian Nicholas Rankin.

Sanchez holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Leeds.[28]

List of books

Rock Black: Ten Gibraltarian Stories (2006)

Writing the Rock of Gibraltar: An Anthology of Literary Texts, 1720-1890 (2006)

The Prostitutes of Serruya's Lane and other Hidden Histories (2007)

Diary of a Victorian Colonial and other Tales (2008)

Georgian and Victorian Gibraltar: Incredible Eyewitness Accounts (2012)

The Escape Artist (2013)

Solitude House (2015)

Jonathan Gallardo (2015)

Past: A Memoir (2016)

Bombay Journal (2018)

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