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The 'M. N. Adamov Fund for the Blind is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping talented blind people in Russia.


Born in 1920 in St. Petersburg (then known as Petrograd), Russia, Moisey Naumovich Adamov became blind at the age of 2 as a result of complications from a case of measles. Despite this condition, Adamov went on to complete a university education, received advanced degrees and taught at the Physics department of Saint Petersburg State University for 57 years.[1] On his own or with co-authors, he published over 100 scientific papers in journals in Russia and abroad.[2] When he died in 2005, his daughter, Svetlana, and her husband, Harris Sussman, founded the Adamov Memorial Fund to assist other blind students and professionals in Russia.

Current work[edit]

In recent times, the Russian government's support for services for people with disabilities has decreased significantly. The M. N. Adamov Fund for the Blind works through a network of individuals in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities

to distribute equipment and other materials to visually impaired people. Resources, this organization has provided in the past, include laptop computers, white folding canes, and digital voice recorders.[3] Items sent to Russia are voluntarily carried by travelers including students, businessmen and tourists. The Adamov Fund for the Blind is able to accept financial tax-deductible donations through a partnership with the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, Massachusetts.

Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, the Adamov Fund for the Blind is under the direction of Svetlana and Harris Sussman. In March 2009, the Bay State Council for the Blind awarded the couple the Outstanding Service Award in recognition of their efforts.[4]


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