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M. Neal "Doc" Guentzel is a doctor working in the fields of infectious diseases, microbes, and bioremediation, as well as a researcher and professor of microbiology at both the University of Texas at San Antonio[1] (UTSA) and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He currently serves as an Associate Dean in the College of Science at UTSA - Downtown Campus.[2]


Guentzel was born in Austin, Texas to Melvin Ace Guentzel and Bessie Guentzel. He attended high school at McCallum High School and The University of Texas at Austin for all his higher education. Guentzel currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, and is an avid fan of the San Antonio Spurs.



Guentzel is a recognized expert on infectious disease, microbiology (with well-known work on Candida albicans and Vibrio cholerae), and bioremediation. He has authored multiple papers in scientific journals and books relating to microbiology. He is a founder and currently co-director of the South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases,[3] an infectious disease/bioterrorism research facility.

Selected publications[edit]

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