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M. Norton Wise at the 2007 History of Science Society meeting

Matthew Norton Wise (born 2 April 1940 in Tacoma, Washington) is a professor in the history of science at UCLA. He is also the co-director of the UCLA Center for Society and Genetics. He has famously attacked Gross and Levitt's book in which they perceive the obstruction of science by the Academic Left.


Wise obtained a B.Sc. in physics from Pacific Lutheran University in 1962 and went on to obtain two Ph.D.s: a Ph.D. in experimental nuclear physics from Washington State University in 1968, and a Ph.D. in the history of science from Princeton University in 1977.


Wise was a physics professor at Auburn University and Oregon State before becoming a history professor at UCLA and then, from 1991-2000, Princeton, before returning to UCLA, where he remains.

In the fourth term of the academical year 2004/5 he taught at Utrecht University and he spent much of his time at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin.

He is the recipient of the Berthold Leibinger Berlin Prize and Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin for Spring 2012.

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