M37 highway (Turkmenistan)

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The M37 highway
Route information
Part of E60
Highway system
Highways in Turkmenistan
The highway passes north through the Karakum Desert

The M37 highway is the most important highway in Turkmenistan. It is the Turkmenistan section of the European route E60 and Asian Highway AH5, which connects Brest, France to Irkeshtam, Kyrgyzstan on the border with the People's Republic of China. It connects most of the major cities in the country from Turkmenbashy on the Caspian Sea on the west coast to Bukhara, Uzbekistan which then continues to Irkeshtam in Kyrgyzstan.[1] The highway passing through the Turkmen capital of Ashgabat can be seen on Google maps. Most of the M37 route can also be seen via ground-level imagery posted on Mapillary.

From Turkmenbashy (Turkmen: Türkmenbaşy) the highway proceeds east, passing through Janga, Jebel, Balkanabat, Gumdag, Bereket, Serdar, Bäherden, Gokdepe, Ashgabat, Gämi, Anew, Yashlyk, Artyk, Kaka, Garahan, Dushak, Tejen, Hanhowuz (and reservoir), Mary, Wekilbazar, Bayramaly, crosses the Karakum Canal south of Zahmet, proceeding north into the Karakum Desert of the Repetek Nature Reserve, passing Uknown, Uch-Adzhi, Repetek town, Karaul-Kuyu, Komsomolsk, Turkmenabat, Farap, before crossing the Amu Darya and into Uzbekistan. On the way to Bukhara, the M37 passes through the settlements of Karaul' Sain, Khal'fa, Karakul, Dzhanafar, Chassakar and Swerdlow.


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