M44 Self Propelled Howitzer

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M44 Howitzer
M44 Howitzer
Type Self-propelled artillery
Place of origin  United States
Weight 31 tons
Crew Five (2 Loaders, Gunner, Commander, Driver)

Shell separate loading, bagged charge
Caliber 155 mm L/23 caliber
Breech Slow cone interrupted screw
Rate of fire Sustained: 1 rpm
Effective firing range Conventional: 14.6 km (9.1 mi)

Armor 12mm
M114 155mm howitzer
1 × .50 cal MG
Engine Continental petrol
Suspension torsion bar
Speed 35mph (56km/h)

The M44 was an American-made self-propelled 155 mm howitzer, first introduced in the early 1950s.

Towards the end of the Korean War the US Army replaced the M41 155mm Howitzer Motor Carriage with the M44 which used the drive train of the recently introduced M-41 light tank, giving it increased battlefield mobility and gave the 155mm cannon crew some armor protection, even when firing the cannon. The 155mm cannon was a version of the M114 designated the M45 Howitzer with a modified recoil system that was more compact and put all the cannon under armor except the top and the barrel. The first production models were issued in 1954.[1][2]

The M44 had a crew of five and was exported to Italy.


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