M4 motorway (Pakistan)

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Pakistan M-4.svg

Route information
Maintained by National Highway Authority
Length: 286 km[1] (178 mi)
Existed: 2009 – present
Major junctions
North end: Pindi Bhattian (M2)
South end: Multan (M5)
Major cities: Faisalabad
Toba Tek Singh
Abdul Hakeem
Highway system
Roads in Pakistan

The M4 (Urdu: موٹروے 4‎) is a north-south motorway in Pakistan, currently[when?] under construction. The 286 km motorway will connect Pindi Bhattian to Multan through Faisalabad.[2] Upon completion, it would connect the M2 with the M5.


The M4 will begin at the M2 to the Sargodha Road Interchange on the northern outskirts of Faisalabad. It will continue on a southwest course connecting the cities of Faisalabad, Gojra, Toba Tek Singh, Shorkot, Abdul Hakeem, Khanewal and Multan. Once at Khanewal, it will merge onto the N5 temporarily until the M5 is complete.

The M4 will have five sections:

Sections Of M-4 Motorway
Name Length Status
Pindi Bhattian Faisalabad 53 Km Operational

Faisalabad Gojra

58 km Operational
Gojra Shorkot 62 km To be completed by March 2018
Shorkot Din Pur Khanewal 64 km To be completed by April 2018
Khanewal Multan 56 km Operational

Junctions & interchanges[edit]

Pindi Bhattian-Multan

Motorway M-4

Interchange Junction Location
M-2 1
Sangla Hill 2
Sahianwala 3 Chiniot Rd
Faisalabad Deptywala 4 Millat Road Faisalabad
Faisalabad Kamalpur 5 Sargoda Rd Faisalabad
Faisalabad Aminpur 6 Jhang Rd Faisalabad
Painsra 7 Jhang Rd
Gojra 8 Jhang Rd
T.T Singh 9 Jhang Rd
T.T Singh 10 Waryamwala Rd
Shorkot 11 Shorkot Cantt Rd
Bagar 12 Abdul Hakeem Rd
Makhdompur 13 Kabirwala Rd
Kabirwala 14 Khanewal Rd
Khanewal 15 Multan Rd
Multan 16 Vehari Rd
Multan 17 Bahawalpur Rd
M-5 18

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