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The M50 Roma Emcampment in Ireland was a group of about 100 Romani people from Romania camped in a roundabout on the M50 motorway in the Ballymun area of Dublin's north side, through the summer of 2007. Some Romani also camped in a nearby derelict house.[1]

In July 2007 they were deported from Ireland, by order of immigration minister Conor Lenihan.


The Roma claimed conditions at the camp were better than at home. The Romanian Ambassador went on the record in response, decrying those selling their homes in Romanian, to come to Ireland, despite the fact that Ireland did not allow free labour access or social welfare access to Romanian and Bulgarian nationals of Roma background.

The ambassador went to claim at least three were guilty of murder and 26 others had criminal convitions.

A claim they could not get work at home, was met with a declaration from the manager of the local shoe factory that he would give work to all that returned, as he cannot get or keep workers.

Conditions in his factory were not investigated, as this is rare in a nation with such high unemployment among all sections of society.

Pavee Point[edit]

The Irish Traveller pressure group Pavee Point has been advising the Roma, and are under pressure for urging some members to fight the deportation.

The Reaction back home[edit]

The mayor of the town from where they are from has condemned them, and brought some of the press to show them the town and the Roma Special School that is newly constructed.

Irish Press Reaction[edit]

The Irish Star on Sunday however went to the bother of interviewing Roma in the village where these were from, and some confirmed the mayor's and ambassador's claims.