M60 recoilless gun

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Yugo 82mm M60.png
82-mm M60 recoilless gun
TypeRecoilless rifle
Place of originYugoslavia
Service history
Used bySee Users
WarsYugoslav Wars
Syrian Civil War[1][2]
Production history
Weight122 kg (269 lb)
Length2.20 m (7.2 ft)
Height0.83 m (2.7 ft)

Elevation-20 to +35°[3]
Rate of fire4 rpm
Muzzle velocity388 m/s (1,270 ft/s)
Effective firing range500 m (1,600 ft)
Maximum firing range4,500 m (2.8 mi)

The M60 recoilless gun is an 82-mm antitank recoilless gun developed[citation needed] in the former Yugoslavia. It entered service with the Yugoslav People's Army in the 1960s.


The M60 is mounted on a towing carriage with wheels for transport and firing. Aiming is done with an optical sight. Ammunition for the M60 includes two fin-stabilized HEAT rounds. The first HEAT projectile for the M60 had an effective range of 500 meters. The second was an improved version that used a rocket booster to increase the effective range to 1,000 meters.[4]

The maximum range of the piece is 4,700 meters. Direct fire is limited to 1,500 meters against stationary targets and 1,000 meters against moving targets. The M60 is credited with a 220mm penetration of armor with its HEAT round.[5]

Aimsight for 82mm M60 recoilless rifle




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