M621 cannon

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Type Automatic cannon
Place of origin France
Production history
Designer GIAT Industries
Manufacturer Nexter
Variants see variants
Weight 45.5 kg (100.31 lb)
Length 2,207 mm (86.9 in)
Width 202 mm (8.0 in) (in mount)
Height 245 mm (9.6 in) (in mount)

Cartridge 20x102mm
Caliber 20mm
Action Blowback operated
Rate of fire 800 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 1,005 m/s (3,297 ft/s) (AP-T)
985 m/s (3,231.6 ft/s) (HEI and TP)
Feed system Open-link M12 belt

The M621 is a 20 mm automatic cannon of French design, developed by Nexter as on-board armament for armored vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and small coastal vessels of the French Navy.


THL 20[edit]

Turreted cannon for helicopters.[1]

POD NC 621[edit]

Cannon pod for helicopters and light aircraft.[2]

ARX 20[edit]

Remotely controlled weapon station with M621 and a 7.62x51 mm machinegun.


Door mounted cannon for helicopters.[3]

CP 20[edit]

Pintle-mounted cannon for vehicles and boats.[4]


Cannon for naval ships.[5]


Remote-controlled naval gun.[6]

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