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M/b70 expressway shield

M/b70 expressway
M70 autóút
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Route information
Part of E 653
Length: 21 km (13 mi)
Major junctions
From: M7 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg M7 near Letenye
To: Tornyiszentmiklós
Avtocesta A5.svg A5 border with  Slovenia
Counties: Zala
Highway system

The M70 expressway (Hungarian: M70-es autóút) is an expressway in Hungary, connecting the M7 motorway to the A5 motorway in Slovenia. The last section was completed in 2006. After the opening of the last missing sections of the M7 on August 19, 2008, there is a direct motorway link from Budapest to Slovenia.


The M70 expressway runs through the following municipalities:

Openings timeline[edit]

Junctions, exits and rest area[edit]

M70 (Letenye) – Tornyiszentmiklós (21 km)
Interchange 0 km Budapest / Letenye Borderto Zagreb M7 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg M7 E71-HUN.svgE65-HUN.svg turns toward -> Budapest or Croatia Autocesta A4.svg
Bridge 1 km Korongi Bridge Bridge - 115,60 m
Exit 2 km Letenye / border 7 (Hu) Otszogletu zold tabla.svg
Exit 11 km Csörnyeföld, Murarátka / Muraszemenye 7538
Rest area 15 km Csörnyeföldi rest area Hungary road sign F-014.svg
Bridge Krka River
Exit 18 km Tornyiszentmiklós, Lenti 7538
Rest area 20 km Tornyisztnmiklósi rest area
Border control 21 km Tornyiszentmiklós (H) – Pince (SLO) border crossing
Avtocesta A5.svg A5 motorway Tabliczka E653.svg → to Maribor, Slovenia Slovenia


From February 1, 2015, the M70 expressway is fully charged. The motorway can be used instead of the national sticker with the following county stickers:

Type of vignette Avalible section
Zala County full length (0 km – 21 km)

European Route(s)[edit]

Name Route
E653-HUN.svg 21 km M7 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg Letenye AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (0) – Slovenia Avtocesta A5.svg Avtocesta A5

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