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M–9 Motorway shield}}
M–9 Motorway
ایم ٩ موٹروے
Route information
Maintained by NHA
Length136 km (85 mi)
Major junctions
South-west endKarachi (M10)
North-east endHyderabad (M6)
Major citiesKarachi
Highway system

The M-9 (موٹروے 9) or the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway (کراچی-حیدرآباد موٹروے) is a 136-km long 6-lane motorway connecting the cities of Hyderabad and Karachi in the Sindh province of Pakistan.[1] It is a part of Pakistan's Motorways Network. M-9 is an upgrade of the previous Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highway, which was upgraded by adding an extra lane on each side and was completely re-surfaced.[2]

A groundbreaking ceremony of the M-9 Motorway was held on 11 March 2015 with planned a completion date of August 2017; however, a deadline for M-9 had slipped and the new inauguration was held in April 2018.


The motorway was constructed by the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and Think Transportation was the traffic consultant. Construction begun in September 2015 and was completed in April 2018. The motorway is 136 km long, and includes 3 lanes on each side. The project was aimed to reduce the traveling time between Karachi and Hyderabad. The motorway on completion will consist of:

  • 136 km 6 lane facility.
  • 275 km 2x lane service road on either side.
  • 8 Interchanges.
  • Karachi and Hyderabad toll plazas into 24 lane facilities.
  • Weigh stations on new interchanges to check overloading
  • Construction of 2 service areas.
  • Construction of 2 trauma centers.

On 24 December 2020, a new toll plaza was inaugurated on the M-9. With 24 lanes (6 entry, 18 exit points), it is the largest toll plaza in Pakistan.[3] In February 2022, the federal government decided to further upgrade the motorway from six to eight lanes due to cater to high traffic volume.[4]

M-9 near Jamshoro Interchange

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