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MA or Ma or mA may refer to:

In academia[edit]

In geography[edit]

  • Ma River, river in Asia, running through Vietnam and Laos
  • Ma, Tibet, a village and township in China
  • Madagascar (MA), FIPS 10-4 country code
  • Maranhão (BR-MA), part of the ISO 3166-2:BR geocode for the Brazilian state
  • Massachusetts (MA), United States postal abbreviation for the state
  • Meshwesh (Ma), an ancient Libyan (i.e., Berber) tribe from Cyrenaica
  • Metropolitan area (MA), a qualifying term, e.g. "Tokyo MA"
  • Morocco (MA), ISO 3166 country code
  • Ma, the mythohistoric entrepreneur for whom, tradition holds, Marang, Terengganu was denoted

In health, medicine and pharmacy[edit]

In language[edit]

In myth and culture[edit]

  • Mạ people, a Vietnamese ethnic group
  • Ma (Lion King), a main character in the animated film Lion King 1½
  • Ma (myth), in Sumerian mythology that from which the "primeval land" was formed
  • Ma (goddess), a local name for Cybele and also an independent Greek goddess
  • Ma, an Anatolian Goddess

In science and technology[edit]

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