MA-2 bomber jacket

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MA-2 bomber jacket with the large front cargo pockets
MA-2 bomber jack with Raindance (rave) logo

The MA-2 bomber jacket (also known as the MA-2 flight jacket or CWU-45 flight jacket) is an advanced version derived of the original MA-1 bomber jacket that was originally designed for the American military during the 1950s. CWU stands for "Cold Weather Uniform."[1]

The term MA-2 was a trademark of the Cobles Clothing Company,[2] adopted in the late 1980s when the CWU-45 military jacket started to gain popularity in street fashion. The term MA-2 has become so popular it is now used interchangeably with CWU-45 to represent this type of jacket.

There is also a lightweight version of this jacket, referred to as CWU-36.


The MA-2 has several design changes compared to an MA-1;

  • Large cargo pockets sewn onto the front of the jacket rather than the small slash pockets on the MA-1
  • A fold-down collar rather than the elasticated collar of the MA-1
  • Usually not orange lining, usually the same colour as the outer nylon
  • A different design where the sleeves join the back to allow easier movement
  • The cut is somewhat shorter - the jacket sits high on the waist compared to the MA-1.
  • Genuine, military-issue CWU-45 and CWU-36 jackets (not the commercially available copies) are mostly made from the flame-resistant fabric Nomex, rather than the flammable fabrics used in earlier jackets.

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