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A Diagram of the MACS M3

The MACS M3 .50 BMG sniper rifle is essentially the MACS-M2A reconfigured into a bullpup layout by moving the butt stock assembly forward so that the bolt action protrudes well to the rear. This has been done to reduce the overall length to 1.11 m and reduce the weight, with bipod and optical sight, to 8.8 kg. Many of the components, including the manual bolt action and the optical sights, remain the same as those on the MACS M2A, although the barrel length has been reduced slightly. The ballistic performance of the MACS M3 remains similar to that of the MACS M2A. This rifle can only be fired from the right shoulder.


  • MACS M2
  • MACS M2A
  • MACS M3
  • MACS M4


.50 MACS M3, MACS M2


  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Cartridge: .50 Browning Machine Gun
  • Action: Single shot, bolt action