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Mad TV (season 12)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 22
Original network Fox
Original release September 16, 2006 (2006-09-16) – May 19, 2007 (2007-05-19)
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List of Mad TV episodes

The twelfth season of Mad TV, an American sketch comedy series, originally aired in the United States on the Fox Network between September 16, 2006, and May 19, 2007.

Stephnie Weir and Frank Caliendo left the show while Daniele Gaither was fired by Fox executives. In their places were Frank Caeti, Nicole Randall Johnson (who were now repertory players after a season of being feature players), and Lisa Donovan (who did not appear until the 14th episode of this season). The cold opening sketch was replaced by an announcer, Brian Fairlee, giving a preview of the sketches and guest stars that would appear in the episode. The sketches themselves became shorter and were shown in several parts so as to preserve the humor.

Due to Frank Caliendo's departure, political sketches centered around George W. Bush and his administration were nearly non-existent, barring the showing of a claymation short where Bush threatens to blackmail Santa Claus if Santa does not help him defeat his enemies. There were, however, sketches that contained slight political innuendo (such as "Steve Jobs' The iRack", where Steve Jobs' mismanagement of his latest invention is compared to America's invasion of Iraq in 2003) and some sketches centered on the then-upcoming 2008 Presidential Election with Nicole Parker as Hillary Clinton and Keegan-Michael Key as Barack Obama. More TV and movie parodies, celebrity-based sketches, music video parodies, one-shot situational comedy sketches, and recurring character sketches were shown to fill the void the political sketches had left behind.

Clay-animated sketches made a comeback after being absent since season five, with the appearance of the recurring sketch, "Celebrity Pets", and a glut of non-sequitur pieces. The only non-claymation animated sketches to appear in this season were "Weekly News with Toby" (featuring Frank Caeti giving a first grader's point of view of current events) and a three-part sketch about Cartoon Network's rejected superhero shows.

Opening montage[edit]

The 12th season had a new title sequence with shots of the performers as they prepared for the show. The screen divides into three different live-action shots. When the theme music starts, the announcer introduces each cast member alphabetically. After the last cast member is introduced, the whole cast is shown in a live-action shot. The music stops and the title sequence ends with the phrase "You are now watching Mad TV". The sequence also has a new announcer, Brian Fairlee.



No. in
TitleGuest(s)Original air date
2671"Episode 1"Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, XzibitSeptember 16, 2006 (2006-09-16)
Jeff Probst (McDonald) rings in the new season with Survivor: Cook Islands where team members of different races square off; a parody of High School Musical has high-schoolers sing about their sordid secrets; Coach Hines (Key) accuses innocent team players of using steroids and ignores an obvious user; Weekly Kid News with Toby; obsessive fan Larry Felmore (McDonald) defends his favorite celebrities when he overhears people making jokes about them; Kim Jong Il (Lee) sings a parody of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" about public figures more insane than he is, like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Jong-Il; Ike Barinholtz throws a birthday party for Bobby Lee; Eugene Struthers (Key) interviews The Rock and Xzibit; Kevin Federline (Barinholtz) performs his rap debut.
2682"Episode 2"Howie Mandel, ChingySeptember 23, 2006 (2006-09-23)
A parody of The Hills; a claymation episode of Real Police Videos; Maury Povich (McDonald) and Connie Chung (Lee) star in their own reality show; Ellen DeGeneres (Parker) becomes the new spokeswoman for adopting Iraqi children; Jordan Peele's romantic R&B song is really about playing video games; animated piece in which Suri Cruise pleas for help escaping from her father Tom; Larry King makes crude comments about Lost; on 24 with Bobby Lee, Howie Mandel teaches Lee how to be a better comedian; an ugly girl (Flanagan) with magic powers makes everyone beautiful, but can't do the same to herself; The Weekly News With Toby; Arden Myrin interviews celebrities at the nip/tuck premiere party.
2693"Episode 3"John Cena, Martin ShortSeptember 30, 2006 (2006-09-30)
John Cena shows deleted scenes from The Marine with Bobby Lee as his love interest; Dane Cook (Barinholtz) performs rambling stand-up; superstitious knights Ty Gray (Peele) and Gray Hall (Key) are contestants on Deal or No Deal; a parody of The Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready To Make Nice" video has Natalie Maines (Flanagan) lobotomized for her anti-American views; Tyler Perry (Key) reprises his role as Madea, along with Eddie Murphy (Johnson) and Martin Lawrence (Peele) for a movie featuring black men in drag; Bobby Lee appears in a Korean soap opera; a strange waiter from Samoa (McDonald) disgusts a patron (Parker) with his ability to clean anything with his mouth; Weekly News with Toby; a Hooters-esque restaurant features only unattractive women; Nicole Parker auditions for Martin Short.
2704"Episode 4"Nelly FurtadoNovember 4, 2006 (2006-11-04)
Stop-motion animated commercial for a terrorist Barbie doll; a parody of Project Runway; the hosts of Inside Looking Out (Parker, Peele) reminisce about their first meeting; a yoga teacher (Lee) is unable to film his routine at the beach thanks to an inconsiderate beach bum (Barinholtz); Billy (Lee) learns about the dangers of Internet sexual predators on this installment of Sesame Street; former presidential nominee John Kerry (McDonald) tries to clear the air about his "botched joke"; Nelly Furtado gets hounded by Eugene (Key); Weekly News with Toby; Condoleezza Rice (Johnson) stars in a blaxploitation film.
2715"Episode 5"Seth MacFarlane, Eva LongoriaNovember 11, 2006 (2006-11-11)
A parody of Intervention has Bobby Lee coming to terms with his exhibitionism; Cartoon Network presents rejected cartoon pilots; a manager (McDonald) must deal with an insane prospective employee (Johnson) who threatens to play the race card if she's not hired; a music video parody of "Promiscuous" shows the price people pay for not practicing safe sex; Bobby Lee performs various martial arts moves; an infomercial salesman (Barinholtz) pitches a violent way for blue collar workers to own real estate; we go behind the scenes of Family Guy where show creator, Seth MacFarlane shows what his show would have been like in live-action and with miscast voice actors; Arnold Schwarzenegger (Barinholtz) causes trouble when he guest directs the show; Eugene Strothers (Key) interviews Eva Longoria; while promoting Levitrol, a man (Key) recollects having a traumatic confrontation with his doctor; Fox's teaser trailer for a new mystery series; animated short in which a preacher denounces gay marriage and homosexuality, until he falls for a man.
2726"Episode 6"Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito, Kristin DavisNovember 18, 2006 (2006-11-18)
Britney Spears (Parker) and Kevin Federline (Barinholtz) film themselves cooking Thanksgiving dinner; a rude driver (McDonald) mocks homeless people; Al Roker (Peele) hosts Mad TV's Thanksgiving Day Parade; obsessive fan Larry Felmore (McDonald) continues to defend his favorite celebrities; a single mother (Parker) wishes for the days before she had a child in a commercial for the morning-after pill; Aaron Sorkin introduces an X-rated version of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip featuring behind-the-scenes drama during a porno shoot; on 24 with Bobby Lee, Lee receives a check-up for SARS; on the first episode of Celebrity Pets, Mariah Carey's dog criticizes his master's singing; Eugene Strothers (Key) goes to a Deck the Halls junket.
2737"Episode 7"TBANovember 25, 2006 (2006-11-25)
Different versions of the film Infamous; Coach Hines (Key) gets a surprise homecoming visit from a former high school football player (Peele); a brutal heat wave plagues the players and announcers at a PGA tournament; Tom Cruise's cat discusses life with her celebrity owner on this installment of Celebrity Pets; Julie Andrews (Parker) shows three alternate endings for The Sound of Music; while discussing his book If I Did It with Judith Regan (Parker), OJ Simpson (Peele) is greeted by various passers-by who call him out on being an acquitted murderer; Bobby Lee's Korean soap opera character confronts his rival and reunites with his lost love; Weekly News with Toby; Arden Myrin interviews celebrities at the premiere for Happy Feet.
2748"Episode 8"TBADecember 9, 2006 (2006-12-09)
Snoop Dogg (Key) clears the air about his recent troubles with the law, then frames Jordan Peele for his crimes; three Muslim extremists (Barinholtz, Caeti, Key) fail in their plans to protest against America; a music video parody of "SexyBack" centered on Sylvester Stallone's comeback in the new Rocky movie; on Celebrity Pets, Vince Vaughn's dog discusses how Vaughn uses him to pick up women; Mel Gibson (McDonald) reveals revamped scenes for Apocalypto and thinly-veiled apologies for his anti-Semitic remarks; a parody for Domino's Pizza Fudge 'Ems features a disgusted pizza boy (Barinholtz) and a living turd visiting families; North Korea hires a loose-cannon scientist (Lee) to test missiles; Arden Myrin and Crista Flanagan interview celebrities at the Billboard Awards; Weekly News with Toby; a newlywed couple struggle to tell the story of how they met; an animated piece featuring Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson's wedding and divorce on the cover of a tabloid; a parody of Flavor of Love has Flava Flav and various animals as his potential girlfriends.
2759"Episode 9"Jeff ProbstDecember 16, 2006 (2006-12-16)
Mad TV cast members have a disastrous Secret Santa party; commercial parody for Tickle Me Elmo doll that's suicidal and "emo"; an escaped convict (Key) is disgusted when the Christmas partygoers he takes hostage engage in perverted sexual acts to save themselves from getting killed; animated short in which Santa is blackmailed into destroying George W. Bush's enemies; two Thais review movies in a low-rent show called The Korean Movie Review Show; a gory holiday party turns into the newest installment of Saw; Maury Povich (McDonald) and Connie Chung (Lee) welcome The View's Joy Behar (Parker) and the pig from Charlotte's Web; Tori McLachlan (Parker) sings a depressing Christmas song; animated short in which Al Gore (McDonald) warns Frosty the Snowman that he will not survive global warming; Jeff Probst plugs his new CD of Christmas songs.
27610"Episode 10"Los Angeles KingsJanuary 6, 2007 (2007-01-06)
A parody of My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade" video about Michael Richards' (McDonald) racist comments and the Internet being a new source of entertainment; The Game (Peele) promotes Post-It notes; The History Channel premieres its own sitcom about a king (McDonald) sent to the future and trying to adjust to modern life; a parody trailer for Dreamgirls mocks the film for being a clone of various other musical biopics and VH-1 documentaries; the newest Grand Theft Auto is staged in Kansas; Stuart Larkin (McDonald) wins a free shopping spree at a candy store; a lovestruck woman (Myrin) visits the Los Angeles Kings and hits on Sean Avery; folk singer Cat Stevens (Peele) hawks a new album featuring pro-terrorism songs; Jovan Muskatelle (Key) frantically reviews the most controversial events of 2006; a business meeting about a new product devolves into a conversation about whether or not gorillas are capable of learning martial arts.
27711"Episode 11"Carmen ElectraJanuary 20, 2007 (2007-01-20)
Steve Jobs's (McDonald) new iPhone gives him godlike powers; on today's episode of Sesame Street, Big Bird suffers from radiation poisoning thanks to Elmo's dirty bomb; Tiger Woods (Peele) showboats while competing in a golf tournament; two women (Flanagan, Myrin) cannot stop laughing at an office joke about being "coffee twins"; TiVo playlists of Tommy Lee, Tom Cruise, and George W. Bush; Carmen Electra is a special guest on The Korean Movie Review Show; the host of a Discovery Kids show (Caeti) about the Internet is a sexual predator who was recently arrested; Lionel Richie (Key), Jeff Foxworthy (McDonald), and Jessica Simpson (Parker) are the guests of honor at a bat mitzvah; a parody of Medium in which Allison DuBois fails to help the wandering spirits who come to her and ends up dead herself thanks to her husband; Weekly News with Toby; a black man (Johnson) pesters a white girl (Myrin) for her phone number at a fast food restaurant; a would-be suicide bomber (Barinholtz) bashes Fall Out Boy, Dane Cook, MTV, and dessert pizza in his video will.
27812"Episode 12"Shawne Merriman, Mary Lynn RajskubFebruary 3, 2007 (2007-02-03)
A Scottish warlord (Peele) cannot convince his men that he was raped by the British; the Superstitious Knights (Key, Peele) perform victory dances to help the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl; Mofaz the Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man (McDonald) and Condoleezza Rice (Johnson) grouse about America's obsession with national security; Paula Abdul (Parker) dispels rumors of substance abuse; on 24 with Bobby Lee, Mary Lynn Rajskub ends up kidnapped after mistaking Lee for Masi Oka; Jeanne Bice (Parker) gives her nephew Adam (Barinholtz) outfit tips for the Super Bowl; a couple (Caeti, Myrin) make out in a Toyota Yaris while showing off its new features.
27913"Episode 13"Kate WalshFebruary 10, 2007 (2007-02-10)
After The Montel Williams Show, Montel (Peele) suddenly starts rapping while walking to his dressing room; unaired openings of Law & Order features awkward discoveries of dead bodies and Kate Walsh hosting a disastrous kid's birthday treasure hunt in a messy backyard; the LAPD now sells piñatas shaped like minority suspects; Barack Obama (Key) overshadows a speech by Hillary Clinton (Parker); a couple (Parker, McDonald) gets splattered with bird droppings during a wedding proposal at an aviary; the Blind Kung-Fu Master (Lee) is sent to space to stop an alien princess (Flanagan) from dominating the universe; Bobby Lee asks Arden Myrin to be his wingman; Celebrity Pets focuses on Dick Cheney's disturbed dog; Wendy Walker (Flanagan) fails to make a Valentine's Day-themed dish on Three Minute Meals.
28014"Episode 14"TBAFebruary 17, 2007 (2007-02-17)
A parody of "The Sweet Escape" has Gwen Stefani (Parker) in love with East Asians and all they've contributed to society; the doctors from Grey's Anatomy summon Dr. Gregory House (McDonald) to cure a woman who's foaming at the mouth; Flavor Flav (Peele) recounts skewed versions of famous moments in African-American history; another episode of the Korean soap opera Attitudes and Feelings Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive; Ellen DeGeneres (Parker) interviews Salma Hayek (Donovan); animated piece where Cupid's attempt to make a love connection turns deadly when he uses hollow-point arrows; Ike Barinholtz's visit with Bobby Lee's parents turns nightmarish when the family creeps him out.
28115"Episode 15"Danny BonaduceFebruary 24, 2007 (2007-02-24)
Forest Whitaker (Peele) raps about his many film roles and how he deserves an Oscar; a parody of Freedom Writers; obsessive fan Larry Felmore (McDonald) defends celebrities at a video rental store; a variety of award-winning actors and actresses interview each other on Oprah's Oscar Nomination Special; Danny Bonaduce hosts a special Oscar edition of The Lillian Verner Game Show; Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee screen their Oscar-nominated movie; the Disney Girl (Parker) sings about her audition for a porno film; a trailer for a new animated film about penguins attacking polar bears.
28216"Episode 16"Rob CorddryMarch 10, 2007 (2007-03-10)
Kevin Federline (Barinholtz) shows off new Amway products while Britney Spears is restrained Hannibal Lector-style; a country singer (Peele) performs a song about Yao Ming (Lee); Steve Jobs' sales pitch for the iRack mirrors America's disastrous occupation of the country; Heidi Klum (Flanagan) is miscast as a silent secret agent; Rob Corddry plays an employee who tells a fellow co-worker (Barinholtz) about his recent tryst with another co-worker (Peele); an ocean institute doctor (McDonald) freaks out when one of his sharks goes on a rampage on a Discovery Kids Shark Week show; psycho Catholic school coach Hines (Key) now works at an ice cream parlor; On Celebrity Pets, Lindsay Lohan's dog Chloe is profiled; blaxploitation parody in which Condoleezza Rice (Johnson) investigates why black people are being irradiated; a commercial for Glad bags portrays the announcer wishing for a small device; a simple argument between a grandmother (Flanagan) and her granddaughter (Myrin) erupts into a violent wrestling match; an elderly woman (Johnson) annoys a video rental outlet employee (Key).
28317"Episode 17"EdgeMarch 17, 2007 (2007-03-17)
Rachael Ray (Parker) gets drunk during her restaurant outings; a soon-to-be-executed freedom fighter (Peele) is revealed to have been a willing victim of a gang rape by British soldiers; a girls' soccer coach (McDonald) must award everyone on his losing soccer team in the name of all-inclusiveness; another installment of Attitudes and Feelings Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive; Darrell (Johnson) bothers another white girl (Flanagan) at a movie theater for her phone number; a newly married couple (McDonald, Parker) share bizarre stories with other married couples about how they met; the Jazzed for Crafts salesladies (Flanagan, Myrin) sell DVDs which catch the attention of a possible suitor (Caeti).
28418"Episode 18"Tom Bergeron, Efren RamirezApril 7, 2007 (2007-04-07)
The Mayor of Cancún (Key) speaks out against drunk American college kids ruining his city; Krump Dancers Noodles (Peele) and Nippy (Flanagan) teach spring break revelers about the dangers of STDs; the Knobs (Barinholtz, Lee) imagine meeting their better halves (Flanagan, Myrin); celebrities discuss their experiences smoking marijuana on VH-1's Best Weed Ever; skanky New Jersey teenagers (Johnson, Myrin, Parker) gab about their sex lives; Celebrity Pets; Tom Bergeron hosts a special spring-break edition of the Lillian Verner Game Show; Tyra Banks (Johnson) exposes prejudice towards Jews by disguising herself as one for the day; a dirty South rapper's (Peele) life falls apart when he does not thank Jesus (McDonald) during an acceptance speech; a girl (Myrin) meets her date's adoptive parents (Flanagan, Caeti).
28519"Episode 19"Jamie KennedyApril 14, 2007 (2007-04-14)
Dr. Phil (McDonald) exposes a woman who lies about her age (Myrin); commercial parody for a new fruit drink contains innuendo about date rape in college; when the LaMontroses (Parker, Peele) attend a therapy session, the therapist exposes their hidden racist attitudes; on 24 with Bobby Lee, the host spends the day with Jamie Kennedy; obsessive fan Larry Felmore (McDonald) defends his favorite sitcoms during a TV writing class; on Deal or No Deal, a man (Barinholtz) gets lambasted by his wife (Flanagan) for not taking the deal; Celebrity Pets; elderly womanizer Isador Kruskel (McDonald) from The 7am Condo Report tries speed dating; the Coffee Twins (Flanagan, Myrin) continue to laugh at their own lame jokes at the office.
28620"Episode 20"Leah Remini, Michael RapaportApril 28, 2007 (2007-04-28)
Parody of Heroes shows how clichéd and overrated the show is; a family stages an intervention to stop their cousin (Caeti) from speaking in a stereotypically Italian voice, only to learn that his real voice is worse; while promoting his new album Reborn, Seal (Peele) is constantly interrupted by his shrill-voiced wife Heidi Klum (Flanagan); a hungover co-worker (Parker) running late for work delivers a poorly-produced PowerPoint presentation; three alternate endings of Gone with the Wind; Eugene Struthers (Key) delivers flowers to Leah Remini; E.R. and Famous has C-list celebs as paramedics; Celebrity Pets; after an officer (Key) pulls over a speeder (Myrin) searching for her missing son, he starts hitting on her.
28721"Episode 21"Carl Edwards, Tito Ortiz, Ben DonovanMay 5, 2007 (2007-05-05)
The new season of Survivor has Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Tom Cruise's (Flanagan) team of Scientologists pitted against each other; a parody of Scrubs mocks the show's wild shifts between wacky farce and sappy medical drama; in a commercial for a new period-control pill, a husband (Caeti) wants to make love to his wife (Flanagan) more often; Larry King reviews House; Tito Ortiz appears in a commercial promoting a new deodorant with Bobby Lee and Jordan Peele; a Hillary Clinton supporter (Donovan) and a Barack Obama supporter (Peele) have a point-counterpoint argument; Tank (Lee) faces competition from Carl Edwards while trying to pick up girls; video footage of Britney Spears (Parker) and Kevin Federline (Barinholtz) at their divorce settlement meeting; VH1 Best Mom Ever features celebrities looking back on how their mothers treated them.
28822"Episode 22"Fred WillardMay 19, 2007 (2007-05-19)
The Blind Kung Fu Master (Lee) tries to save a princess (Myrin) from an evil sorcerer (Key); King Henry (McDonald) finds work as a fast-food employee on The King Henry Show; Coach Hines (Key) threatens prom attendees and gets drunk; Fred Willard plays a sarcastic preacher who hosts a roast for Jesus Christ; Tori McLachlan (Parker) sings a depressing song about life after high school; a parody of I Shouldn't Be Alive features different re-enactments of the same story; Astroman (Barinholtz) confronts his rival Killbrain the Fury (Peele); Celebrity Pets; the Jazzed for Crafts girls (Flanagan, Myrin) meet cute with a rental store employee (Peele).

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