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MAGICC Lab 2-axis gimbal

The Brigham Young University MAGICC Lab, also known as the MAGICC Lab, is a research lab located in the Fletcher Building on the Brigham Young University campus in Provo, UT and was founded in 1999.

"MAGICC" stands for Multiple AGent Intelligent Coordination and Control. The laboratory focuses on research involving the control of Autonomous Vehicles, but primarily focuses on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The lab was founded by professors Randy Beard and Timothy McLain. Research within the lab has necessitated the development of the Kestrel Autopilot and the development of algorithms to extend the cooperative and autonomous capabilities of the platform. The Kestrel Autopilot is licensed to and sold by Procerus Technologies. The laboratory works to integrate various sensors for feedback control (e.g. optical flow sensors, magnetometers, ultra-sonic sensors and laser rangefinders.), and other research involves controlling around surveillance footage from small analog video cameras mounted in both a fixed and 2-axis gimbaled configuration.

Photo from MAGICC Lab Retreat Summer 2005

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