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Magix Software GmbH
Industry Software
Founded 1994
Headquarters Berlin, Germany

Magix Software GmbH (formerly Magix Development GmbH) is an international software publisher with a focus on multimedia software and services and is headquartered in Berlin. The company is the largest subsidiary of Bellevue Investments. Its managing director is Klaus Schmidt. Its other locations include Dresden and Lübbecke in Germany; Bologna, Italy; Boulogne, France; Huizen, The Netherlands; Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom; Markham, Canada; Madison, United States; and Reno, United States.[1]

Product history[edit]

The first edition of Magix Music Maker was released in 1994. In 2006 it was the top-selling music program in Europe.[2] Starting in 1996, the Magix product range was extended to include software for designing, editing, presenting and archiving photos and videos. Magix products and services were first offered in other European countries and the United States starting in 1997. The first version of Magix Movie Edit Pro was released in the same year.

The first version of Magix Photos on CD & DVD was released in 2002.

In November 2008 Magix launched the knowledge community as an independent social network for experts on the topics of music production, video and photo editing.

The first version of Magix Video easy, a video editing program design specifically for inexperienced users, was released in 2009.[3]

In 2011 Magix introduced its Media-X-Change technology, making it possible to efficiently exchange content between various Magix applications.[4] Starting in 2013, Magix broadened its offerings to include apps such as Magix Movie Edit Touch[5] and Magix Music Maker Jam.[6]

The video editing program Magix Fastcut, designed especially for action cam users, was released in 2014.[7]

As announced in May 2016, MAGIX Software GmbH has purchased Sony Creative Software products, including the full Vegas Pro, Movie Studio, Sound Forge Pro, and ACID Pro product lines.[8]


The product and service offerings of Magix Software GmbH encompass solutions for the digital management and editing of music, videos and photos.

Magix's music offerings include software intended for beginners (e.g. Magix Music Maker) as well as professional DAWs, such as Samplitude and Sequoia. Magix software normally enables users to produce complete pieces of music using pre-produced samples or their own recordings, and without the need for additional programs. Audio & Music Lab Premium is an addition to the product range which allows users to remove noise from recordings.

Magix also offers a range of video software products intended for beginners, e.g. Video easy and Fastcut. Movie Edit Pro, by contrast, is intended for consumers with more experience and higher demands. Movie Edit Pro is one of the best selling video editing products and the top selling consumer video editing program in Germany.[9]

In the field of photography, Magix offers programs for creating digital slideshows (e.g. Magix Photostory Deluxe) as well as software for editing individual photos (e.g. Magix Photo & Graphic Designer) and managing photo collections (e.g. Magix Photo Manager Deluxe). Xara Designer Pro provides solutions for professional photo and graphic editing.

Magix also develops apps for mobile devices, such as Movie Edit Touch for Windows 8 and Android.

As announced in May 2016, MAGIX Software GmbH has purchased Sony Creative Software products, including the full Vegas Pro, Movie Studio, Sound Forge Pro, SpectraLayers, and ACID Pro product lines.[8]

Product Overview[edit]

Photo & Graphic
Xara 3D Maker
Photo Manager Deluxe
Xara Page & Layout Designer
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer
Movie Edit Pro
Video easy
Rescue Your Videotapes!
Video Sound Cleaning Lab
Movie Edit Touch (Windows 8 and Android App)
Audio Cleaning Lab (also for Mac OS)
Audio & Music Lab Premium
MP3 deluxe
Music Maker
Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes
Samplitude Music Studio
Digital DJ
Music Maker Jam (Windows 8 and Android App)
Pro Products
Video Pro X
Xara Designer Pro

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