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MAHRU and AHRA are the first network-based humanoids in the world that are endowed with artificial intelligence through network. Unlike other famous humanoids such as ASIMO, MAHRU and AHRA focus on network-based intelligence by using network infrastructure where South Korea has world-class strengths. [1] Related researches are in progress on the authority of Interaction and Robotics Research Center, KIST.



Technical specifications
Height 1.5 m
Weight 67 kg
Speed 1.2 km/h
Degrees of freedom (DOF) 35
  • stereo camera
  • microphone
  • force/torque sensor
  • gyro sensor
Battery Lithium polymer battery, 48V-20A
Other Images / Voices / Objects / Gestures Recognition[2]


MAHRU and AHRA are Korea's own humanoid models that provide artificial intelligence to robots, such as image/voice recognition and vision-based manipulation, in order to make friendly human-robot interaction possible.

MAHRU and AHRA can walk forward, backward, left and right and, have intelligence for the recognition of voice, face, objects, gestures, obstacles, and vision-based manipulation.[3]


Mahru-Z has a humanoid body including a rotating head, arms, legs, six fingers, and three-dimensional vision.[4]


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