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MAIET Entertainment
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 1998
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea

GunZ: The Duel [1]

GunZ: The Duel 2



MAIET Entertainment was a South Korean video game developer, best known for creating the third-person shooter game GunZ: The Duel in 2004. They also developed GunZ 2 in 2011 and adapted it into English in 2013.


According to the official site, MAIET is 'TEAM' spelled backwards with the letter 'I' added in, standing for 'innovation'.[3]


The company started out as a small group of five researchers which eventually grew into a company.[3] In 2015 they closed their doors after selling all of their game rights to Masangsoft Inc. [4]


GunZ: The Duel has servers in Korea and Brazil, and has all evolved from the original International server in many ways, such as having "cash items". MAIET's first developed video game was the aerial strategy game AceSaga, which was terminated.[5]


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