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Filename extension .map
Type of format Debug

.MAP files are a type of debugging symbol.

These are typically plain text files that indicate the relative offsets of functions for a given version of a compiled binary.


.MAP files are also uncompiled Quake maps. These files are plain text files. Detailed file format specifications can be found on the internet: Quake MAP Specs

Valve's Hammer Editor saved level files in the binary, proprietary .rmf or text-based, human-readable .map format prior to version 4.0.

In addition, the Halo series uses .map files for the levels. Duke Nukem 3D uses .map files for user-created levels.

.map files are also used by the MapInfo Professional Geographic Information System.

.MAPs are also identified as color maps. An example of such software that supports .map files is SoundSpectrum's G-Force music visualizer.

Image Maps[edit]

Another form of the .MAP file is for HTML image maps. An image map is formatted in HTML and creates click-able areas over a provided image.

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