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The .MAP file extension is used for various different types of files:

  • Debugging maps. These are typically plain text files that indicate the relative offsets of functions for a given version of a compiled binary.
  • Uncompiled Quake maps. These files are plain text files. [1]
  • Valve's Hammer Editor saved level files in the binary, proprietary .rmf or text-based, human-readable .map format prior to version 4.0.
  • In addition, the Halo series uses .map files for the levels. Duke Nukem 3D uses .map files for user-created levels.
  • .map files are also used by the MapInfo Professional Geographic Information System.
  • .MAPs are also identified as color maps. An example of such software that supports .map files is SoundSpectrum's G-Force music visualizer.
  • Another form of the .MAP file is for HTML image maps. An image map is formatted in HTML and creates click-able areas over a provided image.