MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96

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"MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96"
Aphex Twin - MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96 cover art.jpg
Single by Aphex Twin
from the album Syro (Japanese release)
  • "XMAS_EVET1 N"
  • "MARCHROMT38 fast"
Released6 April 2015 (2015-04-06)
Songwriter(s)Richard D James
Producer(s)Richard D James
Aphex Twin singles chronology
"minipops 67 [120.2]"
"MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96"

"MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96" is a song by the English electronic musician Richard D James, credited under the pseudonym Aphex Twin. It serves as the second single and the Japanese bonus track from Aphex Twin's sixth studio album, Syro.[1]

The single was released by Warp Records on 6 April 2015 (7 April in North America). The B-sides of the single are an alternate version of the Syro track "XMAS_EVET10 [120] (thanaton3 mix)" and an alternate version of the title track.[1][2]


The title track has been well-received and has been described by The 405 as "a jewel of a piece, set to a majestic refrain that puppeteers the gloriously alive-sounding chords and soft bass into painting a nameless picture of triumph, breaking into virtuosic moments of turntablism and characteristic glitch to gritty effect"[3] and by Bleep as "a writhing electronic treasure that is totally hypnotic with lurking sub-bass and an airy beat hovering above the surface".[2] Karim Vickery's review for Other Music called it "a squishy slab of electro-boogie that fits in with Syro's funhouse vibe", noting that "[i]t won't scare the pants off of you like "Ventolin", but there are enough textural transitions to keep listeners giddily agitated".[4] In a review for online dance music retailer Juno Records, the track was described as "a blissfully melodious, Selected Ambient Works style slice of electronic beauty".[5]

The B-sides were also well-received, with both being called "similarly impressive".[5] In reviews, "XMAS_EVET1 N" has been described as "an equally entrancing piece that offers a fresh take on the Syro standout"[2] and the similarity between "MARCHROMT38 Fast" and the output of Rephlex Records has been noted.[5]

Track listing[edit]

WAP381 – side A - 45 RPM
1."MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96"7:19
WAP381 – side B - 33.3 RPM
2."XMAS_EVET1 N"5:09
3."MARCHROMT38 fast"5:36


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