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For MARC, the library cataloging standard, see MARC standards. For other uses, see Marc (disambiguation).

MARC (Mailing list ARChive) is a computer-related mailing list archive. It archives over 31 million e-mails from over 2400 mailing lists, with approximately 320,000 new mails added per month. The archive is hosted by KoreLogic, and is maintained by a group of volunteers led by Hank Leininger.[1]

MARC was founded in 1996 to serve as a unified archive of electronic mailing lists, similar to what DejaNews (now Google Groups) did for Usenet.

MARC uses a MySQL relational database to store its messages and Perl to access the data.[1] The archive can be searched for mailing list names, authors, subject lines and full-text of the e-mail messages.

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