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Online Magazine
Founded 2012
Key people

Jim Giles: co-founder

Bobbie Johnson: co-founder
Owner Medium
Number of employees

Matter is an online publication specializing in long-form articles about science, technology, medicine and the environment. The site launched in November 2012 with "Do No Harm",[1] a 7,800-word article about a controversial treatment for a rare neurological condition. Matter currently publishes a single story each month.

The founders, journalists Bobbie Johnson and Jim Giles, funded the project by raising $140,000 on Kickstarter in March 2012.[2] The success of the campaign generated discussion about new business models in journalism.[3] Under the Matter business model, long-form articles are sold individually, much as book publishers sell individual books. Matter stories cost 99c and are available at the Matter website and in Amazon's Kindle Singles store. Matter also operates a membership scheme.[4] Members are invited to Q&As with Matter authors and are able to take part in the publication's collaborate commissioning process.[5]

In April 2013, Johnson and Giles announced that Matter had been acquired by Medium, a new publishing platform established by Twitter founder Ev Williams.[6] Johnson and Giles said that neither Matter nor Medium had any plans to change the publication's business model or editorial focus.


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