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Developer(s)VERBI GmbH
Initial release1995
Stable release
2022.0.0 (Win and Mac) / 23 November 2022; 15 months ago (2022-11-23)[1]
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS
Available inMultilingual (15)
TypeQualitative Data Analysis Qualitative research
LicenseProprietary software

MAXQDA is a software program designed for computer-assisted qualitative and mixed methods data, text and multimedia analysis in academic, scientific, and business institutions. It is being developed and distributed by VERBI Software based in Berlin, Germany.

MAXQDA is designed for the use in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research.[2] The emphasis on going beyond qualitative research can be observed in the extensive attributes function (called variables in the programme itself) and the ability of the programme to deal relatively quickly with larger numbers of interviews[which?].[3]


MAXQDA Standard[edit]

The standard version of MAXQDA[4] for macOS and Windows offers tools for the organisation and analysis of qualitative data. This includes text, audio, image, video and bibliographical files as well as survey data, Twitter tweets or focus group transcripts. The data can be analysed in a four-screen window with the help of codes and memos. MAXQDA's visualisation functions and export options facilitate presentations. MAXQDA includes some quantitative data analysis tools (e.g. Mixed Methods tools[5]).

MAXQDA Plus[edit]

MAXQDA Plus is an extended version of MAXQDA and includes the MAXDictio module.[6] MAXDictio can be used to create dictionaries, as well as to search and filter text files. Vocabulary and word frequency analyses can be used to support qualitative findings.

MAXQDA Analytics Pro[edit]

MAXQDA Analytics Pro is the most advanced version of MAXQDA. Besides the MAXDictio module, it also integrates a comprehensive module for statistical analysis of qualitative data. The "Stats" module offers tools to statistically analyze MAXQDA project data or import and work with external quantitative data sets in Excel or SPSS.

MAXQDA Reader[edit]

The MAXQDA Reader makes it possible to read and search MAXQDA projects without owning a license. Projects cannot be edited.

Version history[edit]

  • 1989: MAX (DOS)
  • 2001: MAXqda (Windows)
  • 2003: MAXDictio (Add on for quantitative text analysis)
  • 2005: MAXMaps (Add on for visual mapping)
  • 2007: MAXQDA 2007 (Windows)
  • 2010: MAXQDA 10 (Windows)
  • 2012: MAXQDA 11 (Windows)
  • 2012: MAXApp for iOS (iOS App)
  • 2014: MAXApp for Android (Android App)
  • 2014: MAXQDA 11 (Mac OS X)
  • 2015: MAXQDA 12 (Universal for Windows and Mac OS X)
  • 2016: VERBI releases two new products: MAXQDA Base and MAXQDA Analytics Pro
  • 2017: MAXQDA 2018 (Universal for Windows and macOS)
  • 2019: MAXQDA 2020 (Universal for Windows and macOS)
  • 2021: MAXQDA 2022 (Universal for Windows and macOS)
  • 2023: MAXQDA 24 (Universal for Windows and macOS)

Features of MAXQDA 2022[edit]

  • Import of text documents, tables, audio, video, images, twitter tweets, surveys
  • Data is stored in project file
  • Reading, editing and coding data
  • Paraphrasing
  • Settings links from one part of a document to another
  • Annotating data with memos
  • Visualization options (number of codes in different documents etc.)
  • Group Comparison
  • Analyse code combinations
  • Import and export demographic information (variables) from and to SPSS and Excel
  • Import of online surveys from SurveyMonkey
  • Import of web pages with the free browser add-on MAXQDA Web Collector
  • Analyse of responses to survey questions
  • Searching and tagging words
  • Transcription of audio and video files
  • Internal program media player
  • Linking data with georeferences (*.kml)
  • Tools for summarizing content
  • Code with Emoticons and Symbols
  • Export to text, excel, html, xml and special reports
  • Create Frequency Tables and Charts
  • QTT Workspace
  • TeamCloud
  • User management
  • Statistical analysis of qualitative data

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