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Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy)
Московский Архитектурный Институт (Государственная Академия)
Established 1933
Rector Dmitry Olegovich Shvidkovsky
Students 1400
Location Moscow, Russia

Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) - MArchI (Russian: Московский Архитектурный Институт (Государственная Академия) - МАрхИ) is a famous architecture school is located in Moscow, Russia.

MArchI trains architects of wide-range specialization in Town-Planning, Architecture of Residential and Public Buildings, Architectural Design, Architecture of Industrial Buildings, Architecture of Agricultural Complexes, Theory and History of Architecture, Restoration of Architectural Monuments, Interior Architecture, Landscaping.

The language of education is Russian. The full course of studies lasts 6 years. After that students get the diploma and can work as architects in Russia. After 5 years of education students get the bachelor's diploma.

The Rector of the university is Dmitry Olegovich Shvidkovsky.

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