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MBC Plus Media
Industry Media
Founded February 21, 2001
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Jang Geun-bok, CEO
Products Television
(Non Free-to-air channels)
Owner MBC 64.81%
CJ E&M 22.53%
MBC C&I 5.43%
other shareholders 7.23%
Parent MBC
Website http://www.mbcplus.com/

MBC Plus Media (Korean: MBC 플러스 미디어; 엠비씨 플러스 미디어) is a South Korean company under MBC, producing media, broadcast and telecommunication products for non free-to-air networks, including Skylife and 'Cable TV' (KCTA) service providers. Corporate slogan is "Let's plus!".

Television networks[edit]

  • MBC Drama (Also Known As MBC Drama Net) - for Drama and Entertainment programs.
  • MBC Sports+ - for sports (both professionals and amateurs).
  • MBC Every 1 - Entertainment channel for both Variety Programs. (Formerly MBC Movies)
  • MBC Music - for Music
  • MBC Sports+ 2 - for sports (both professionals and amateurs). (Replace MBC QueeN)
Former networks
  • MBC Game - for E-sport (online game, especially for youth). (Formerly LOOK TV and GEMBC)
  • MBC Life - Documentary channel for life cultures. (Formerly Alice TV)
  • MBC QueeN - mostly organizes program for women. (Formerly MBC Life)

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Programs with MBC & MBC plus media[edit]

  • Real Man(ko:진짜 사나이 eng:Jinzza Sanai)-MBC
  • Dad! Where are you going?(ko:아빠! 어디가?)-MBC
  • We Got Married-MBC

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