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MBC Game
MBC Game.jpg
MBC Game logo
Launched September 1, 2000 (as LOOK TV)
May 1, 2001 (as GEMBC)
January 1, 2003 (as MBC Game)
Closed January 31, 2012
Owned by MBC Plus Media
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Formerly called LOOK TV (2000-2001)
GEMBC (2001-2003)
Replaced by MBC Music

MBC Game (MBC 게임, 엠비씨 게임) was a South Korean specialty television channel owned by MBC Plus Media. The channel primarily broadcast programming related to video games, but it, along with its competitor Ongamenet, was well known for its extensive coverage of competitive video gaming

The channel was discontinued on January 31, 2012, and replaced by a music channel, MBC Music.[1]


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