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Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) is a modular manufactured sign system that utilizes pre-manufactured curved frames to connect a variety of graphic and material components parts utilizing tension as a locking mechanism. MCFT was developed by experienced sign professionals as part of the evolution in modular signs, to minimize waste and to maximize custom design approaches.

The Components of MCFT[edit]


MCFT utilizes a modular sign system. Standardized units can be assembled in different ways using both standard, and custom accessories and attachments.


MCFT is based on curved aluminum sign frames that keep inserted materials in place using a tension grip to minimize the use of adhesives or screw fasteners.

Frame System

MCFT is a frame system that accepts different types of sign substrates & inserts including engraving, screen printing, photopolymer, ADA and digital printing.


MCFT combines modular components with custom approaches. Designers are meant to utilize various combinations of frames, surface materials, printed materials and substrates when developing wayfinding programs.

MCFT is one approach to modular signage, or prefabricated sign elements used in multiple combinations. The Society for Environmental Graphic Design and International Sign Association has included MCFT as a category of modular signage.