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MCI may refer to:




Health and Science[edit]



  • MCI, MCI Records, Frank Farian's record label
  • Meal, Combat, Individual, the successor to the US Army C-ration
  • Monetary conditions index, a macroeconomic index number relevant for monetary policy.
  • Malicious caller identification, a type of enhanced telephone service
  • Macroinvertebrate community index, a measure used in New Zealand for the environmental status of streams
  • Miss Chinese International Pageant, an annual pageant where International women of Chinese descent compete for the crown of Miss Chinese International
  • MCI, The IATA airport code for the Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, Missouri, US
  • Michigan City (Amtrak station), Indiana, United States; Amtrak station code MCI
  • Motion Clarity Index, dimensionless value which describes the quality of LCD to show a moving picture, MCI is term from LG, the others same are Samsung—Clear Motion Rate (CMR); Philips—Perfect Motion Rate (PMR); Sony—Motionflow XR; and Panasonic—Back Light Scanning (BLS). All use native panel refresh rate at least 100 Hz, but backlights and processors rates may be different, with aim to reduce or omit motion blur and all of it are relatively same
  • Multiple Casualty Incident (MCI), emergency dispatcher abbreviation