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MCI may refer to:

  • mCi, millicurie, 1/1000 of a curie, a non-SI unit of radioactivity
  • MCi, megacurie, 1,000,000 times a curie, a non-SI unit of radioactivity, 1 MCi = 3.7×1016 decays per second or becquerels
  • 1101 in Roman numerals
  • MCI, Master of Criminal Investigation, This is a masterdegree in the Netherlands. Detectives can use this title after completing the education at the Dutch Police Academy.


  • MCI Group, the world's largest professional conference organizer
  • MCI Inc., formerly called WorldCom, which acquired MCI Communications, and was later acquired by Verizon Communications
  • MCI Communications, originally Microwave Communications Inc., the corporation that operated as MCI from 1963 to 1998
  • Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran, the largest mobile phone operator in Iran
  • Motor Coach Industries, a coach/bus manufacturing company
  • Music Center Incorporated, later known as Music Consultants Incorporated, a company that manufactured multi-track audiotape recorders and mixing consoles for professional studio recording


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