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MCI Management Center Innsbruck
MCI Management Center Innsbruck
Motto Mentoring the Motivated
The Entrepreneurial School
Type Public Private Partnership
Established 1995/1996
Endowment 30 Mio Euro (2015)
Rector Andreas Altmann [1]
Academic staff
250 full-time employees (faculty & management), 1.000 part-time lecturers (2015)
Students approx. 3000 (2015), approx. 50% female
Location Innsbruck, Austria

MCI Management Center Innsbruck is a privately organized business school in Innsbruck, Austria, offering study programs leading to Bachelor and Master degrees as well as Executive Master programs (MBA, MSc, LL.M.), Executive Certificate programs, Management seminars, Customized programs and research.

History and Organisation[edit]

MCI Management Center Innsbruck

The Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) was founded in 1995/96 as a university center in private law owned largely by public bodies. The funding structure is as follows:

  • 75% "Träger-Verein MZT" comprising the Tyrolean regional authority, the Innsbruck local authority, the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce, the Tyrolean Chamber of Labor, the Federation of Tyrolean Industries, the University of Innsbruck, and the Faculty of Social Science and Economics at the University of Innsbruck
  • 12.5% "Träger-Verein Technik"
  • 12.5% "Träger-Verein Tourismus"

The work of the MCI is additionally supported by a circle of sponsors comprising companies in a variety of industries.

The MCI has accreditation to provide university of applied science study programs pursuant to Art. 2 of the Austrian University of Applied Sciences Studies Act.[2]

Campus & Student Life[edit]

MCI is located in the center of Innsbruck offering 5 different campuses:

  • MCI I +II: centrally located between the historic Old Town of Innsbruck and sharing the ground with the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Economics & Statistics of Innsbruck University, Universitaetsstrasse 15
  • MCI III: Weiherburggasse 15, hosting MCI programs in the field of tourism
  • MCI IV: Maximilianstrasse 2, holding MCI programs in the field of engineering and technical sciences
  • MCI V: Kapuzinergasse 9

Being part of the Open University Innsbruck concept, MCI and the Innsbruck University share infrastructure like lecture rooms, laboratories, sports facilities and cafeterias.

  • These locations are to be replaced by a central campus adjoining Innsbruck’s Hofgarten (opening 2020).

A co-operation agreement with the University of Innsbruck gives MCI students access to student services provided by Innsbruck University’s like for example libraries, sports facilities, etc.

Campus of MCI
Gebäude MCI III
Gebäude MCI IV

Bachelor & Master programs[edit]

The consecutive Bachelor and Master programs are university of applied science study programs. Between the beginning of the 2005 winter semester and the 2009 winter semester, all MCI study programs were reorganized on the Bachelor/Master model as defined in the European Bologna Process. Students at the MCI can also take advantage of the option to spend a semester at one its 200 partner universities around the world. Double-degree and joint-degree programs are also offered in collaboration with a current total of eight partner universities.


A cooperation agreement between the University of Innsbruck and the MCI provides for closer cooperation between the two organizations with regard to doctoral programs.[3][4] The MCI also provides tutoring for dissertations at a current total of ten other universities at home and abroad.

Executive Education[edit]

Executive Master programs[edit]

MCI’s postgraduate Executive Master programs are being offered within the framework of the Austrian University Law and are additionally accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA).[5] MCI’s LL.M.-program "International Business & Tax Law" is offered as a dual-degree study program in co-operation with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FSFM). It is evenly split between the locations of Innsbruck and Frankfurt/Main and provides the students with the opportunity to acquire the degrees of MCI and FSFM.

Executive Certificate Courses[edit]


Credits obtained for an Executive Certificate program are recognized for the above postgraduate Master study programs. Students who complete specific combinations of several certificate programs and write a final thesis to an appropriate academic standard (Master thesis) can be admitted to the academic degree of an MBA, MSc or LL.M.

Partner universities[edit]

The MCI collaborates with about 200 partner universities,[7] where students can spend one or more semesters of their study program. Additionally, double degree cooperations exist with some of the MCI's partner universities.

Awards & Rankings[edit]

AACSB International[8] As one of few universities in German-speaking countries, MCI is accredited by AACSB – the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, established in 1916 in the United States and the world‘s major accrediting agency in the field of economics. Worldwide, only five percent of business schools have been awarded this prestigious seal of quality.

Universum Talent Survey 2016[9] The international Universum Survey reveals excellent results for the Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck: The MCI won in the categories "Strongest Focus on Employability" and "Best Career Service", and ranked as 2nd Place in the category "Most Satisfied Students".

CHE Hochschulranking[10] The latest university ranking by the international center for higher education CHE reveals excellent results for Management Center Innsbruck: its programs in Economics, Social Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Management achieved 70 rankings in the top group.

FIBAA's Premium Seal [11] The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) has awarded its Premium Seal to the MCI’s Executive Master study programs

  • General Management Executive MBA and
  • Master of Science in Management MSc.

Registered as a non-profit foundation under Swiss law and headquartered in Bonn, FIBAA operates as a European accreditation agency offering additional national accreditation. FIBAA awards its Premium Seal exclusively to degree programs with an outstanding standard of excellence that is far in excess of normal accreditation requirements.

Universum Student Survey 2014: The students of MCI Management Center Innsbruck are again among the most satisfied in Austria. That is shown by the recently unveiled 2014 Universum Student Survey, which is based on a representative poll of about 5,000 students of economics, engineering and natural sciences at 25 Austrian universities. In addition to the general level of satisfaction with the university, the ranking also focuses on such criteria as the quality of the teaching, faculty, student support and services, practical relevance of the programs, industry contacts, careers potential, international orientation, opportunities for study abroad, reputation and other aspects of importance for students.”.[12]

Industriemagazin ranking 2014: The 2014 ranking published by “Industriemagazin” again confirms the high standards of quality at the Entrepreneurial School®. The commitment to quality at MCI Management Center Innsbruck has once more received powerful confirmation. With an impressive score of 2.53, the Entrepreneurial School® is one of the best of the Austrian universities assessed in the ranking recently published by the Austrian “Industriemagazin”.[13]

ECTS-Label On June 11, 2009, the MCI became the first Austrian university to be awarded the DS label and the ECTS—Label by the European Commission in Brussels. The two labels were renewed by the Commission in 2013.


  • MCI’s student services [14] provide students information and support on housing & residence, scholarships & awards, sports, culture & leisure activities, library & literature as well as individual issues (e.g. psychological support, religious communities).
  • The language center of MCI presents students a broad range of supplementary language courses (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish) and assists in developing and refining academic writing skills.
  • MCI’s Alumni Association MCI Alumni & Friends provides a networking platform not only for graduates but also for MCI students by organizing numerous panel discussions and other events with international speakers from business, culture and politics. The registered Motto of MCI Alumni & Friends is A strong network of motivated people.
  • The MCI Career Center acts as clearing house for internships, graduate jobs and careers development.
  • The Austrian Students Union (ÖH) is involved in the student representation system at the MCI. The representatives for the individual study programs, the chairpersons and national ÖH delegate are elected every year in the summer semester.


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