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Minichromosome maintenance complex component 5
Symbols MCM5 ; CDC46; P1-CDC46
External IDs OMIM602696 MGI103197 HomoloGene4904 GeneCards: MCM5 Gene
EC number
RNA expression pattern
PBB GE MCM5 216237 s at tn.png
PBB GE MCM5 201755 at tn.png
More reference expression data
Species Human Mouse
Entrez 4174 17218
Ensembl ENSG00000100297 ENSMUSG00000005410
UniProt P33992 P49718
RefSeq (mRNA) NM_006739 NM_001302540
RefSeq (protein) NP_006730 NP_001289469
Location (UCSC) Chr 22:
35.4 – 35.43 Mb
Chr 8:
75.11 – 75.13 Mb
PubMed search [1] [2]

DNA replication licensing factor MCM5 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MCM5 gene.[1][2][3]


The protein encoded by this gene is structurally very similar to the CDC46 protein from S. cerevisiae, a protein involved in the initiation of DNA replication. The encoded protein is a member of the MCM family of chromatin-binding proteins and can interact with at least two other members of this family. The encoded protein is upregulated in the transition from the G0 to G1/S phase of the cell cycle and may actively participate in cell cycle regulation.[3]

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MCM5 has been shown to interact with:


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