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MCST R1000
MCST-4R FPGA prototype.gif
MCST R1000 FPGA prototype
Produced 2010[1]
Designed by MCST
Common manufacturer(s)
Max. CPU clock rate 750 MHz to 1 GHz
FSB speeds Gbps
Min. feature size 100 mm²
Instruction set SPARC V9
Cores 4
L1 cache 48 KB
L2 cache 2 MB
Predecessor MCST-R500S
Application Embedded

The MCST R1000 (Russian: МЦСТ R1000) is a 64-bit microprocessor developed by Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies (MCST) and fabricated by TSMC.[2]

During development this microprocessor was designated as MCST-4R.[1]

MCST R1000 Highlights[edit]

MCST R1000 core
MCST R1000 pipeline
MCST R1000 diagram
ccNUMA multiprocessor system with four MCST R1000 microprocessors