MCV Bus and Coach

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Private (?)
Founded 2002
Headquarters London, UK
Products Bus bodies
Parent Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV)
MCV Evolution owned by Countryliner, at the 2007 Cobham bus rally
Offside view of an Evolution

MCV Bus and Coach is a British manufacturer of bus bodies founded in late 2002 after buying the assets of defunct bus builder Marshall Bus who closed down in the summer of that year. It is a subsidiary of the Egyptian Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles company.[1]


MCV started production with a batch of 5 Dennis Darts for Warrington Borough Transport and were built to the Capital design. However at this time TransBus (who produced the Dart and other Dennis products) didn't want any other bodybuilders for the chassis as they were to sell them as complete TransBus products (i.e. Darts with Pointer bodies etc.), so these remained a one off. MCV looked at a few other chassis to body before deciding they would body on the MAN 14.220, the bodywork for this was based on the Capital design, but with a new front end, and being adapted to work with this heavy duty chassis, it was renamed the Stirling and was launched in 2003. It was later added to the shorter 12.220.

Products in production[edit]

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