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An M.C. is a Master of Ceremonies.

M.C., MC, Mc, mC, or mc may also refer to:


  • Mc-, a Gaelic surname prefix meaning "son of" - see Celtic onomastics
  • M.C., pseudonym for the Australian novelist Catherine Edith Macauley Martin
  • MC, pseudonym for the Korean StarCraft II player Jang Min Chul
  • Father MC, the stage name for American rapper Timothy Brown
  • MC Breed, the stage name for American rapper Eric Breed
  • MC Chris, the stage name for American rapper Christopher Brendan Ward IV
  • MC Frontalot, the stage name for American rapper Damian Hess
  • MC Hammer, the stage name for American rapper Stanley Kirk Burrell
  • MC HotDog, the stage name for Taiwanese Rapper Yao Chung-jen
  • MC Jin, the stage name for Chinese rapper Jin Au-Yeung
  • MC Lyte, the stage name for American rapper Lana Michele Moorer
  • MC Ren, the stage name for American rapper Lorenzo Jerald Patterson
  • MC Skat Kat, an animated cat who appeared in a Paula Abdul video
  • Young MC, the stage name for English rapper Marvin Young
  • MC Magic, the stage name for Mexican rapper Marco Cardenas
  • Mariah Carey, pop singer sometimes known as MC or Mimi


Science and technology[edit]







  • M.C., post-nominal letters for a religious sister who is a member of the Missionaries of Charity, a group founded by Mother Teresa
  • Motorcycle
  • Mass communication
  • Multiple choice, a type of test
  • Medium Coeli, a point of definition in the ecliptic coordinate system in astrology
  • The main character in any story.
  • Used in India (informal abbreviation of a Hindi abuse 'Madarchod') meaning 'motherfucker'.
  • Middle Chinese, an historical Chinese dialect
  • Mechanical Completion, together with Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning (PC/C) one of phases before final hookup and installation can be accomplished.