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M.C. A.D.E. (born Adrian Hines in Miami, Florida) is an American music producer and rapper who helped pioneer the hip hop subgenre of Miami bass music. His 1985 single, "Bass Rock Express", is often considered to be the start of Miami bass.[1] His single "Bass Mechanic" is also considered an example.[original research?] He recorded on the 4-Sight record label, which was owned by his father Billy Hines. His name stands for Adrian Does Everything, which refers to the fact that he both rapped and produced his own records.[1]


  • Just Somethin' to Do (1987)
  • How Much Can You Take (1989)
  • An All Out Bash (1991)
  • In the Arms of Bass (1994)
  • Ain't No Thang Like the Game (1996)


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