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MC Honky is a stage persona whose only album release is I Am the Messiah.[1][2] Although supposedly a middle-age disc jockey from Silverlake, California, MC Honky is promoted by and widely considered to be Mark Oliver Everett (or "E") of Eels. Aside from their commercial association, it has been noted that "E=MC Honky" bears some relation to E = mc², because, as it is reasoned on fan sites, a honky is a "square". This is further supported by the fact that E = mc² is Albert Einstein's most famous physics equation and Mark Oliver Everett's father was the physicist Hugh Everett III, the creator of the Many-worlds interpretation commonly referred to as the Parallel Worlds theory.

To support the album I Am the Messiah, an actor would open Eels shows as Honky, to "prove" that he and E were two separate persons. E and MC Honky also engaged in a comic feud on the Internet, in which E hoped MC Honky would catch SARS.

The creator of the MC Honky artwork and videos is Ivan Brunetti.


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