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Mouloudia d'Oran
مولودية وهران
Full nameMouloudia Club Oranais
نادي مولودية وهران
Founded14 May 1946 (73 years ago) (1946-05-14)
as Mouloudia Club d'Oran
GroundAhmed Zabana Stadium
PresidentAhmed Belhadj
Head CoachNadir Leknaoui
LeagueLigue Professionnelle 1
2018–19Ligue Professionnelle 1, 10th
WebsiteClub website
Current season

Mouloudia Club Oranais (Arabic: نادي مولودية وهران‎), known as Mouloudia d'Oran, commonly referred to as MC Oran or MCO for short, is a football club based in Oran, Algeria. Founded in 1946, the club was known as Mouloudia Chaâbia Ouahrania from 1971 to 1977, Mouloudia Pétroliers d'Oran (Arabic: مولودية نفط وهران‎, MP Oran for a short) from 1977 to 1987 and Mouloudia d'Oran from 1987 to 1989. The club colours are red and white. Their home stadium, Ahmed Zabana Stadium, has a capacity of 40,000 spectators. The club is currently playing in the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1.

Until 2008, MC Oran was the only club in Algeria to have participated in every single season of the first division since its inception in 1962. However, the club was relegated at the end of the 2007–08 season but returned after just one season in the Algerian Championnat National 1.


Foundation of the first Mouloudia (1917)[edit]

The name of the Mouloudia Club Oranais was inspired by an older, the Mouloudia Club Musulman Oranais (MCM Oran) founded in 1917 in Medina Jedida and officially declared on December 4, 1919 at the party Of the Mawlid (the birth of the prophet Muhammad) hence the name Mouloudia of Mawlid and of which Ali Bentouti (the foundation member in 1946) was player in this club. This club was dissolved in 1926 merging with many other teams to create the legendary club of USM Oran.

Foundation and beginnings (1946–1962)[edit]

MC Oran in 1946

The Mouloudia Club Oranais began on May 14, 1946, when nationalists activists created the team of Mouloudia Club Oranais, a Muslim club in the district of El Hamri (former Lamur) in Oran to compete with European clubs at a time when Algeria was a French district (French Algeria). Mohamed Bessol, one of the founding members was a player, coach, and general secretary of the club until 1967. Other founding members were Ali Bentouti, Omar Abouna, Redouane Serik Boutaleb, and also Mohamed Serradj, Ali Tounsi, Belaid Bachir, Bensenouci Mahi, Bloufa Benhadad, Mahmoud Benahmed, Miloud Bendraou, Miloud Cherigui, Ali Aroumia, Kada Fali.

The founding ceremony of Mouloudia was assisted by Cheïkh Saïd Zamouchi, delegated by Sheikh Si Tayeb Al Mahaji (imam, writer and member of the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulema) led by Sheikh Abdelhamid Ben Badis.

Mouloudia Club Oranais began his first competition, in the 1946–47 season in the third division of the regional championship of the League of Oran (3F/O) after inscription in the France Football Federation. The course of the club from 1946 to 1956 is unknown. And from 1956 to 1962 (the independence year of Algeria), MC Oran block all its sports activities by order of the FLN because Algerian War.[1]

After independence (1962–1977)[edit]

Fréha, Algerian champion with MC Oran in 1971
MC Oran, Algerian cup winner in 1975

The Mouloudia Club Oranais start in the first competition of Algeria independent in 1962–63 season on high level, it qualified for the final tournament of the championship of the first two seasons, 1962–63 and 1963–64 which were composed of three groups (Algiers, Oran and Constantine). It finished second in the group of Oran in both seasons, unfortunately not a qualifying place for the semi-finals, but this place already earned the team a status of a great club. In the following seasons, it will be runner-up twice consecutively in 1968 and 1969 were the legendary stricker Abdelkader Fréha was Algerian championship top scorer in both seasons.

In the 1970s and with more experienced players such as Abdelkader Fréha, Abdellah Kechra, Lahouari Beddiar and Miloud Hadefi, the Mouloudia d'Oran will bring back for the season 1970–71 the famous Portuguese coach Carlos Gomes who will say a phrase that will remain famous in the annals of the national football "Give me the MCO and Fréha and I will be champion of Algeria". The Mouloudia will win its first title of its history, the supreme title of champion of Algeria for the season 1970–71. Abdelkader Fréha and Noureddine "Mehdi" Hamel will finish top scorers each one this year and the club will finish with the best attack of the championship, a total dominance for this season.

Four years later after winning the first Algeria title in 1971, MC Oran won the first Algerian Cup in 1975, beating the MO Constantine in the final on 19 June in Algiers at the Stade du 5 Juillet in front of 70,000 spectators, It finish the competition with a record of the best attack of the time in the cup competition.

Sport reform and the era of the great MP Oran (1977–1989)[edit]

Sebaâ, Algerian Cup winner in 1985
MC Oran in 1978 with
Hadefi, Belloumi & Bensaoula...

In 1977, Algerian government decided to reform national sports, it was applied throughout the country, the sports clubs are supported by the national societies and become semi-professionals. Naftal (National Society of Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products) sponsors the club. Mouloudia changed its name and became Mouloudia Pétroliers d'Oran (MP Oran). Under the leadership of coach Saïd Amara, and in addition to grandiose players like Sid Ahmed Belkedrouci (top scorer in the championship in 1975), the team is reinforced by talented players like Lakhdar Belloumi or Tedj Bensaoula and finished third in 1979. She is also semi-finalist of the Algerian Cup in 1978 and 1979 and Lakhdar Belloumi was elected top scorer of the championship in 1979.

During the 1980s, and particularly from 1983 onwards, a new generation of players such as Benyagoub Sebbah, Habib Benmimoun, Mourad Meziane, Bachir Mecheri, Tahar Chérif El-Ouazzani, wins the Algerian Cup on two consecutive occasions in 1984 and 1985, which will open the doors to the African Cup Winners' Cup in 1985 and 1986. And with the reinforcement of the team by Nacerdine Drid (1986), Karim Maroc (1987) and the return of Lakhdar Belloumi in 1987, the team becomes more stronger and become semi-finalist of Algerian Cup in 1986, 1988 and 1989 and Algerian Championship runners-up in 1987 but in 1988, the team wins the supreme title of champion of Algeria.

Favour to this title, the Mouloudia takes part in the African Cup of champions clubs in 1989 and loses a final on penalties well-deserved after a total domination of the competition to the return match at the Stade Ahmed Zabana against Raja Casablanca in front of 40,000 spectators.

National domination (1990–2000)[edit]

The early 1990s marked the end of the sport reform. Consequently, Naftal ceases to sponsor the club which takes its former name of Mouloudia Club Oranais. The club has always played the leading roles at national and international level since 1962, but in the 1990s he dominated national football with a new generation, Abdelhafid Tasfaout, Sid Ahmed Zerrouki, Ali Meçabih supported by experienced players such as Tahar Chérif El-Ouazzani or Omar Belatoui. The decade begins with the two championships won consecutively in 1992 and 1993 with Abdelhafid Tasfaout best scorer in both seasons. The Mouloudia will be four times Algerian championship runners-up in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2000 and will win in 1996 an historic double Algerian Cup and League Cup. It will also be a finalist in the Algerian Supercup in 1992, the Algeria Cup in 1998 and the League Cup in 2000.

At the international level, the club will win the Arab Cup Winners' Cup twice in 1997 and 1998, once the Arab Super Cup in 1999 and will be semi-finalist of the African Cup of Champions in 1994 and quarter-finalist twice in the CAF Cup in 1996 and the African Cup Winners' Cup in 1997.

The great depression (2000–2010)[edit]

The decade of the 2000s will be the worst in the history of MC Oran. In addition a lot of conflicts especially in administration and management when the club has not won any title and he often plays the maintenance against relegation, this decade will be marked by two major milestones.

First fact is the Conflict of Elimam-Djebbari of 9 October 2003 in Sidi Bel Abbès during a match of the 2002-2003 Algeria Championship between MC Oran and NA Hussein Dey. The Mouloudia arrived at the stadium with two teams, two technical staff and two coaches, presided by two presidents Kacem Elimam and Youcef Djebbari, the match was canceled and the victory was returned to NA Hussein Dey.

The second fact was the Relegation in D2 in 2008. The club relegated for the first time in its history in Division 2 during the 2007-2008 season. This relegation was a shock to the entire population of Oran, and riots broke out in the city for three days, causing considerable material damage estimated at around 7.5 billion centimes of DA, hundreds of arrests and hospitalizations that forced the authorities to use the great means to stop this tragedy. But the club accedes after only one year in D1 at the 2008–09 season. The Mouloudia still holds the national record of presence in the first division.

Professionalism (2010–present)[edit]

Logo of Naftal

The year 2010 will be marked by the launch of the first professional championship encompassing the first and second divisions. On 27 September 2012, the National Society of Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products Naftal decided to a probable return to sponsoring the MC Oran after an absence of 24 years. As past, Naftal will sponsoring the all sport's sections of the Mouloudia Club Oranais[2]. This initiative is a part of the development of national sport, especially that MC Oran is one of the largest national and continental omnisports club. However the agreement was not concluded. In 2014 Ahmed "Baba" Belhadj is elected new president of the club but five years passed without any title for the club.

On 6 January 2019, the Hyproc Shipping Company, a firm of the petroleum company Sonatrach based in Arzew signed a protocol and became the club's sponsor. This initiative became after a long time of waiting the petroleum firm Naftal it's nine years ago[3]. However same as Naftal, no final contract was conclued and Hyproc same as Naftal became a minor sponsors only.

Crests and kits[edit]

Historical crests[edit]

MC Oran has had several crests in its history. The first, adopted in the 70th. The second crest was used from the 1977 reform when the national companies took the different Algerians clubs from 1977 to 1988, MC Oran was taken by Naftal company and was called MP Oran (Mouloudia Pétrolière d'Oran), From 1988, the national companies retired from the Clubs, the club took its old name MC Oran (Mouloudia Club Oranais), however there were various crests from this year until now but only one crest was more famous and more credible.

Historical kits[edit]



The club, one of the most popular in Algeria, plays at the Ahmed Zabana Stadium (40,000 capacity), in the popular district of El Hamri. Sometimes the team play in Habib Bouakeul Stadium which is the 2nd stadium of the city with an capacity of 20,000. Now a new and modern stadium is being constructed with a capacity of 40,000 which is called Olympic Stadium of Oran.


MCO's supporters

MC Oran is one of the most popular club of the country, it fans are called Hamraoua in reference to the historical Neighborhoods El Hamri that saw the foundation of the club. There are also some associations of fans and there are called Ultras Red Castle, Ultras Leones Rey and Ultras Red King.


ASM Oran

Before independence in 1962, Oran was known by several big derbies because there were several big clubs as CAL Oran, CDJ Oran, USM Oran, AS Marine d'Oran, FC Oran. After independence, other clubs began to dominate the Oranese and Algerian football as MC Oran, ASM Oran, SCM Oran and RCG Oran and many derbies appeared. The most famous is called Oran derby or Mouloudia & Jamîiya derby, it's the biggest rivalry of Oran since independence in 1962 played between MC Oran and ASM Oran.[4]

CR Belouizdad

It's the rivalry of all the records and it's called the MCO CRB rivalry or the Division one rivalry. First between two clubs holding the record of seasons played (one season only missed each), record of number of matches played between them (more than 100 games in Ligue 1), record of goals scored and many other records.[5][6]

MC Alger

This rivalry is between the greatest club of the capital Algiers and the greatest club of the second city Oran. It's called the Mouloudia clasico.[7][8]

ES Sétif

Big rivalry between two Algerian big teams since independence. It's called MCO ESS rivalry or East West rivalry.[9]

Ownership and finances[edit]

On 6 January 2019, the Algerian petroleum firm Hyproc Shipping Company signed a primary contract to become the principal sponsor of the club but no final contract was conclued and Hyproc remains a simple sponsor of the club.

Current kit supplier, shirt sponsors and sponsor[edit]

The principal sponsors of the club during the current season are:

Kit manufacturer Principal shirt sponsor(s) Secondary shirt sponsor(s)
Kelme Logo.svg Kelme Turkey Tosyali Logo NAFTAL.svg Naftal
Ooredoo1.svg Ooredoo Algeria Soummam
Algeria Hyproc Shipping Company

Historical kit suppliers, shirt sponsors and sponsors[edit]

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor(s) Sponsor
1972–1974 Le Coq Sportif
1974–1977 Logo brand Adidas.png Adidas
1977–1983 Sonatrach.svg Sonatrach
1983–1985 Algeria Sonitex Naftal (old logo).png Naftal
1985–1989 Logo brand Adidas.png Adidas
1989–1990 Algeria Naftec
1990–1991 Algeria CPA
1991–1992 Algeria Erepit
Algeria Orolait
1992–1993 Peugeot
1993–1995 Logo brand Adidas.png Adidas
1995–1996 Le Coq Sportif
1996–1999 Algeria Açyl
2000–2003 Algeria Khalifa Group
2003–2004 Sonatrach.svg Sonatrach
2005–2006 France Thomson Multimedia
2006–2007 Djezzy Logo.png Djezzy
2007–2010 United States Sarson Sports USA
2010–2011 Adidas Logo.svg Adidas Logonedjma.jpg Nedjma
2011–2012 France Baliston
2012–2014 Algeria Baeko
2014–2017 United States Sarson Sports USA Ooredoo.svg Ooredoo
2017–2018 Turkey Tosyali
2018– Kelme Logo.svg Kelme Turkey Tosyali
Ooredoo1.svg Ooredoo
Algeria Hyproc Shipping Company


Current squad[edit]

As of January 15, 2018. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Algeria GK Sid Ahmed Rafik Mazouzi
4 Algeria DF Mourad Bendjelloul
5 Algeria DF Abderrahmane Mahammedi
6 Algeria DF Brahim Boudebouda
9 Algeria MF Zakaria Mansouri (on loan from MC Alger)
10 Algeria MF Sid Ahmed Aouadj
11 Algeria FW Rachid Nadji
12 Ivory Coast DF Vivien Assie
15 Algeria DF Zine El-Abidine Sebbah (captain)
16 Algeria GK Bachir Della Krachai
No. Position Player
17 Algeria DF Zineddine Mekkaoui
20 Algeria FW Mohamed Toumi
21 Algeria MF Abdellah El Moudene (on loan from Paradou AC)
22 Algeria MF Youcef Guertil
23 Algeria MF Abdelhafid Benamara
24 Algeria MF Hamza Heriat
25 Algeria DF Abderrahmane Blaha
28 Algeria MF Sabri Gharbi
30 Algeria GK Oussama Litim
31 Algeria FW Boumediene Freifer

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Algeria FW Walid Hamidi (at ASM Oran until 30 June 2019)
Algeria MF Mustapha Saïd (at ES Mostaganem until 30 June 2019)

Reserve Squad[edit]

On 13 January 2017, Ahmed "Baba" Belhadj became the first president of the club to sign a professional contract to a reserve team's players.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
30 Algeria GK Hichem Makhloufi
Algeria DF Mustapha Nessan
Algeria DF Abdelkrim Bakhtaoui
Algeria DF Youcef Seffir
No. Position Player
Algeria DF Walid Boulenouar
Algeria MF Younes Koulkheir
Algeria FW Bouziane Kadour
Algeria FW Arezki Kouied

Notable players[edit]

MC Oran have many notable former players who have represented MC Oran in league and international competition since the club's foundation in 1946. To appear in the section below, a player must have played in at least 100 official matches for the club or represented the national team for which the player is eligible during his stint with MC Oran or following his departure.

For notable players see List of MC Oran players.
For details on former players see Category:MC Oran players.


Current technical staff[edit]

Position Name
Manager Algeria Nadir Leknaoui
Assistant Manager Algeria Aïssa Kinane
Algeria Hadj Merine
Technical Assistant
Physical Fitness Coach Algeria Abderrahmane Sayah
Goalkeeping Coach Algeria Karim Saoula
Medical Director Algeria Fayçal Boutenzar
Therapist Algeria Amar Benarmas
Physiotherapist Algeria ...
Mental Coach Algeria Cheikh Boughrara
Reserve Team Coach Algeria Mokhtar Guendouz

Managerial history[edit]

Years Months Manager
1946–56 Unknown Algeria Lahouari Sebaâ
000000 Unknown
1962–63 Unknown Algeria Abdelkader Amer
Algeria Chibani Bahi
1963–64 Unknown Algeria Benali Aroumia
Algeria Miloud Nehari
1964–65 Unknown Algeria Benali Aroumia (2)
Algeria Hadj Habib Draoua
1965–67 Unknown Algeria Cheikh Ouaddah
1967–70 Unknown Algeria Hadj Hadefi
1970–71 Unknown Portugal Carlos Gomes
1971–72 Unknown Algeria Souilem Gnaoui
Algeria Mahi Khennane
1972–76 Unknown Algeria Zoubir Benaïcha
1976–79 Unknown Algeria Saïd Amara
1980–81 Unknown Algeria Nedjmedine Belayachi
Algeria Hadj Maghfour
1982–83 Unknown Algeria Hadj Habib Draoua
Algeria Abdellah Kechra
1983–85 Unknown Algeria Abdellah Kechra (2)
Algeria Abdellah Mecheri
1985–86 Unknown Algeria Abdellah Mecheri (2)
Soviet Union Boris Podkorytov
1986–87 Unknown Algeria Hadj Bouhadji
Soviet Union Boris Podkorytov (2)
1987–89 Unknown Algeria Amar Rouaï
1989–92 Unknown Algeria Miloud Hadefi
Algeria Mohamed Nadjib Medjadj
1992–94 Unknown Algeria Abdellah Mecheri (3)
1994–95 Unknown Algeria Lakhdar Belloumi
Algeria Ali Fergani
1995–97 Unknown Algeria Habib Benmimoun
Algeria Mohamed Henkouche
Years Months Manager
1997–98 Unknown Algeria Habib Benmimoun (2)
State of Palestine Said Hadj Mansour
1998 Unknown Algeria Abdelkader Amrani
1998–99 Unknown Algeria Nacer Benchiha
Algeria Tahar Chérif El-Ouazzani
1999–01 Unknown Algeria Nacer Benchiha (2)
2001–02 Unknown Algeria Lakhdar Belloumi (2)
Algeria Abdelkader Amrani (2)
2002 Unknown Algeria Tedj Bensaoula
Algeria Abdellah Mecheri (4)
2002–03 Unknown Algeria Mohamed Henkouche (2)
2003–04 Unknown France Hervé Revelli
2004 Unknown Algeria Nacerdine Drid
2004–05 Unknown Algeria Mohamed Nadjib Medjadj (2)
2005 Unknown Algeria Mohamed Henkouche (3)
2005–06 Unknown Algeria Nacerdine Drid (2)
2006 Unknown Algeria Mohamed Nadjib Medjadj (3)
2006 Unknown Algeria Abdellah Mecheri (5)
2006–07 Unknown Algeria Mohamed Lekkak
2007 Unknown Portugal Eurico Gomes
2007–08 Unknown Algeria Mohamed Nadjib Medjadj (4)
2008 Unknown Portugal Eurico Gomes (2)
2008 Unknown Algeria Tahar Chérif El-Ouazzani (2)
Algeria Fayçal Megueni
2008 Unknown Algeria Mohamed Nadjib Medjadj (5)
2008–09 Unknown Algeria Omar Belatoui
2009 Unknown State of Palestine Said Hadj Mansour (2)
2009–10 Unknown Algeria Abdelkader Maâtallah
2010 Unknown Algeria Omar Belatoui (2)
2010–11 Unknown Algeria Tahar Chérif El-Ouazzani (3)
2011 Unknown Algeria Sid Ahmed Slimani
Years Months Manager
2011 Unknown France Alain Michel
2011 Jul – Oct State of Palestine Said Hadj Mansour (3)
2011 Unknown Algeria Mohamed Henkouche (4)
2011 Nov – Nov Algeria Tahar Chérif El-Ouazzani (4)
2011–12 Nov – Mar Algeria Mohamed Henkouche (5)
2012 Mar – Jun Switzerland Raoul Savoy
2012 Jul – Sep Belgium Luc Eymael
2012 Sep – Oct Switzerland Raoul Savoy (2)
2012 Oct – Nov Algeria Abdellah Mecheri (6)
2012–13 Nov – Jan Algeria Djamel Benchadli
2013 Jan – Feb Algeria Tahar Chérif El-Ouazzani (5)
2013 Feb – Apr Algeria Sid Ahmed Slimani (2)
2013 May – Jun Algeria Omar Belatoui (3)
2013 Jul – Nov Italy Giovanni Solinas
2013–14 Nov – Feb Algeria Djamel Benchadli (2)
2014 Feb – Jun Algeria Omar Belatoui (4)
2014 Jun – Sep Algeria Tahar Chérif El-Ouazzani (6)
2014–15 Sep – Nov France Jean-Michel Cavalli
2015–16 Dec – Apr Algeria Fouad Bouali
2016 Apr – Jun Algeria Bachir Mecheri
2016–17 Jun – Apr Algeria Omar Belatoui (5)
2017 May France Jean-Michel Cavalli (2)
2017 May – June Algeria Bachir Mecheri
2017–18 June – May Tunisia Moez Bouakaz
2018 May – Oct Morocco Badou Zaki
2018–19 Oct – Jan Algeria Omar Belatoui (6)
2019 Feb – May France Jean-Michel Cavalli (3)
2019– May – Algeria Nadir Leknaoui


On 8 October 2012, Larbi Abdelilah is named temporary president of SSPA MC Oran. Abdelilah will manage the administrative affairs of the club until the supposal arrival of officials Naftal.[10] On 3 June 2014, Ahmed "Baba" Belhadj is named a new president of the club, he succeeded Youcef Djebbari.[11]

Chairman From To Titles (official)
Algeria Omar Rouane Serrik 1946 .... ×
Algeria Kadda Hadj Fali .... .... ×
Algeria H'mida Belazreg .... .... ×
Algeria Boumediene Bentabet .... .... ×
Algeria Baghdadi Seddiki 1971 1975 2
Algeria Ghalem Chaouch 1982 1991 3
Algeria Youcef Djebbari 1991 1994 2
Algeria Belkacem Elimam 1994 2000 5
Algeria Youcef Djebbari 2000 2003 ×
Algeria Mourad Meziane 2003 2006 ×
Algeria Youcef Djebbari 2006 2008 ×
Algeria Belkacem Elimam 2008 2010 ×
Algeria Tayeb Mehiaoui 2010 2011 ×
Algeria Youcef Djebbari 2011 2012 ×
Algeria Larbi Abdelilah 2012 2013 ×
Algeria Youcef Djebbari 2013 2014 ×
Algeria Ahmed "Baba" Belhadj 2014 Present


MC Oran is one of the most successful teams of Algeria.[12]

Domestic competitions[edit]

Winners (4): 1970–71, 1987–88, 1991–92, 1992–93
Runners-up (9): 1967–68, 1968–69, 1984–85, 1986–87, 1989–90, 1994–95, 1995–96, 1996–97, 1999–00
Winners (4): 1974–75, 1983–84, 1984–85, 1995–96
Runners-up (2): 1997–98, 2001–02
Runners-up (1): 1992
Winners (1): 1995–96
Runners-up (1): 1999–00

International competitions[edit]

Runners-up (1): 1989

Regional competitions[edit]

Winners (2): 1997, 1998
Winners (1): 1999
Runners-up (1): 2001

Performance in CAF competitions[edit]

The club have 3 appearances in African Cup of Champions Clubs from 1989 to 1994.

2005 – Second round
2016 – Second round
1996 – Quarter-finals
1998 – First round
1985 – Second round
1986 – Second round
1997 – Quarter-finals

International statistics[edit]

CAF statistics
Competition App. Pld W D L GF GA GD
CAF Champions League 3 24 13 2 9 37 27 +10
CAF Confederation Cup 2 10 5 2 3 10 7 +3
African Cup Winners' Cup (defunct) 3 14 5 5 4 11 9 +2
CAF Cup (defunct) 2 8 4 1 3 12 9 +3
Total 10 56 27 10 19 70 52 +18
UAFA statistics
Competition App. Pld W D L GF GA GD
Arab Club Champions Cup 4 12 3 2 7 19 24 -7
Arab Cup Winners' Cup (defunct) 3 13 8 1 4 24 17 +7
Arab Super Cup (defunct) 2 6 2 1 3 5 10 -5
Total 9 31 13 4 14 48 51 -3

IFFHS rankings[edit]

African club of century ranking[edit]

MC Oran was ranked by IFFHS at the 50th best African club of the 20th century[15][16].

Pos. Team Points
48 Cameroon Coton Sport 8
49 Nigeria Julius Berger 8
50 Algeria MC Oran 7
51 Algeria ES Sétif 7
52 Ivory Coast Stella Adjamé 7

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