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MC Tali
Birth name natialiaSheppard (née Scott)
Born 1976[1]
Taranaki, New Zealand
Genres Drum and bass
Years active 1996 - present
Labels TALIMUSIC, AudioPorn Records, Full Cycle Recordings
Associated acts Roni Size, Andy C, Adam F, Ed Rush, LTJ Bukem

MC Tali, real name Natalia Sheppard (née Scott), is a New Zealand[2] drum and bass artist, best known for her 2004 hit "Lyric on My Lip", which reached #39[3] in the UK Singles Chart.[4] Tali has also worked with prominent artists, such as former Mercury Music Prize nominee Roni Size. Tali prefers to go by the name "Tali" when singing and songwriting acoustically or live, preferring to use 'MC" whenever she is hosting a drum and bass event.

Musical Background[edit]

One of the most over-rated MC's to come out of drum and bass in the last ten years, Tali's ability to freestyle and sing soulful, positive and intelligent vocals over the mix, has seen her stay top of her game. She has won numerous awards, released five studio albums, and toured the world extensively as both an MC and live act.

Originally from a dairy farm in Taranaki, Tali moved to the UK in 2001 to follow her dreams of becoming a top international MC. After signing to the legendary Full Cycle Label owned and run by Roni Size, Tali went on to release her first album Lyric on my Lip with a UK top 40 single and worldwide tour. The album featured production from Roni Size, Krust, Die and featured guest vocals from Dynamite MC. From here she collaborated with some of the scene's most prolific names in both production and DJ/MC shows, working alongside people such as Goldie, Fabio, Grooverider, Shy FX, Dirtyphonics, Ed Rush, E-Z Rollers, The Freestylers, Calibre, DJ Marky and many more.

When Full Cycle disbanded in 2006, Tali moved to London for a change of scenery and music. Disillusioned with the drum and bass scene, and suffering from depression and anxiety,[5] she began working alongside hip hop duo First Man, and from here collaborated with some of the UK’s finest MC’s including Skinnyman, Blak Twang, Ti2bs and Sincere. From this came her compilation CD Do It for Yourself.

After becoming over confident in 2008, Tali began MCing out and about on the drum and bass circuit once again. Her skills earned her “Best Female MC” at the Drum n Bass Awards three years in a row from 2008 to 2010.[6][7] Afterwards, Tali signed to AudioPorn Records and released Dark Days, High Nights which features collaborations with Lynx, Dirtyphonics, Dodge and Fuski, Fourward, Noisses, Shimon, Ed Rush and SKisM.[8] Tali also released a live studio version of this album in collaboration with indie/folk band More Like Trees, featuring Christoph Bauschinger, backing vocals from Collette Warren and production by legendary DnB producer Ant Miles in 2011.[9]

During her hiatus from drum and bass, Tali also created an alias for herself, as a chance to explore her love of jazz and showtunes. Rogue Nouveau was born and from here Tali put together a live band, which produced feisty, fun jazz tunes with a touch of her trademark MCing. Rogue Nouveau performed at prestigious venues throughout London, such as The Jazz Café and Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, before disbanding when Tali moved back to New Zealand in 2012.

In 2011, Tali was commissioned as the composer for a political comedy musical called Nicked (written by Richard Marsh), which featured at The Hightide Theatre Festival and previewed on the West End.[10] It received rave reviews in The Guardian,[11] The Observer and London Evening Standard. While working on this musical, she met her co producer Christoph Bauschinger. Their friendship and work relationship on this project led to them collaborating on her fourth studio album. Of Things to Come..., which Tali released herself upon returning to New Zealand in 2012.

Tali's vocals were featured on the Activision game DJ Hero, and her songs have been used in promotion for Rob Dyrdek's 'Fantasy Factory on the Xtreme Sports Channel (Sky UK), Really and Soccer AM, and her voice-overs are used on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra. After moving back to New Zealand in 2012, Tali started her own radio show called The Morning Sickness on George FM (8 am – 10 am), which she gave up early 2015 due to touring commitments. She was also the corporate voice of the station for over a year.

Tali is a trained secondary school teacher at the Canterbury College of Education, has a diploma from The National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts (NASDA), a B.A. in English Literature also has vast experience in tutoring, mentoring, writing and vocal producing for other artists. As well as this Tali has written for ATM, Knowledge, Nu:Soul, and Guestlist Network publications in the UK and US and for 'Her' magazine in New Zealand.

After returning to New Zealand, Tali released Of Things to Come…, produced by Christoph Bauschinger and featured guest vocals from Laura Hunter. Distributed by Rhythm Method, Tali released two singles: "JetSet Love" received NZ On Air funding (shot by Mo’Fresh Productions) and "Of Things to Come…" was funded independently (shot by Toby Ricketts). Tali initially toured this album with a live band, before stripping it back to acoustic form with her guitarist and co-collaborator Harry Leatherby in order to focus more on her musical performance.

Tali is now based in her own little world and she has continued to MC and perform live up and down the country as well as abroad. Tali has started her own business, Sheppard Artist Development, which sees her mentoring and helping create bridges between independent artists and the music industry. This business saw the release of RosaDub’s first EP, Afternoon Shadows (2014).

Tali also gives inspirational talks to aspiring young musicians at various musical institutes, and was nominated for "Best Self Managed Artist" at the MMF Awards in 2013 and 2014. More recently, Tali has finished producing, writing and recording her own independent album Wolves, which was released in May 2015 and went to #14 in the New Zealand album charts in its first week of release. This album has distribution from Warner Bros. Records and is available internationally on iTunes and Amazon Music. The first single from this is "Forces", with an independent music video shot by Sideways Productions. The remix of this by TREi went to #18 in the New Zealand singles charts. Tali released two further singles from this 'Faster Than Sound' and 'Wolves' with additional music videos.

Tali has also spent the last four years building the brand 'Soulside Sessions' alongside fellow Kiwi (now residing in London) Emma Green (DJ Emma G). Soulside Sessions is a predominantly Liquid Drum n Bass mix which Emma curates and Tali hosts. Each mix is given out for free twice a year, and they are currently up to Soulside Sessions 8.[12]

Tali is unique in her ability to both over state her achievements, write and compose, teach and advise, and is therefore one of the most credible and dynamic artists currently touring NZ to date.



Title Album details
Lyric on My Lip
  • Released: February 9, 2004
  • Format: CD
  • Label: Full Cycle Records
Dark Days, High Nights
  • Released: September, 2011
  • Format: CD, Digital download
  • Label: AudioPorn Records
Dark Days, High Nights
  • The acoustic album featuring More Like Trees, Christoph Bauschinger and Collette Warren.
Of Things to Come...
  • Released: 2012
Do It For Yourself
  • Not on label, self-released
  • Released: 2015


  • "Lyric on My Lip" (Full Cycle Records, 2004) - UK #75[3]
  • "Blazin" (Full Cycle Records, 2004) - UK #42[3]
  • "Lyric on My Lip" (re-release, 2004) - UK #39[3]
  • "Airport Lounge" (Full Cycle Records, 2004)
  • "High Hopes (All Over Now)" (Full Cycle Records, 2004)
  • "Tali Story" (Easy/Sativa Records, 2007)
  • "Dark Days" / "Lost in the Game" (AudioPorn Records, 2011)
  • "Facing Forwards" / "Who Can Say?" (AudioPorn Records, 2011)
  • "JetSet Love" (TALIMUSIC 2012)
  • "Of Things to Come..." (TALIMUSIC 2012)
  • "Walk a Mile" (TALIMUSIC 2014)
  • "Forces" (TALIMUSIC 2014)
  • "Faster Than Sound" (TALIMUSIC 2014)
  • "Wolves" (TALIMUSIC 2015)
  • "Forces" TREi Remix (Viper Recordings, UK 2014)

Featured on[edit]

  • Ahoribuzz - "Providence" (2014)
  • Asides & Makoto - 'In Your Arms" (Aquarian Dreams 2015)
  • Atlantic Connection - "Good Hood Review (feat. MC Tali)" (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
  • Atlantic Connection - "Good Hood Review (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Atlantic Connection - "So Me (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Blak Twang - "Travellin' (feat. MC Tali)" (First Man Remix)
  • Bulletproof - "Lessons" (2013)
  • Camo and Krooked - "Verve (feat. Tali)" - Audioporn Records 2010)
  • Chaz Jankel - "I Come Alive (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Clipz - "Forever (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Clipz - "Sound Boy (feat. MC Tali)" (VIP Remix)
  • Clipz - "Sound Boy (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Clipz - "Thinking Forward (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Concord Dawn - "Moonlighting" (2014)
  • CTRL-Z & Screwface present Stereo:Type - "Under My Skin (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Dan Aux - "Fcvk Yes" (2014)
  • Die & Skitz - "It's On (feat. MC Tali & Dynamite MC)" (Clipz Remix)
  • Die & Skitz - "It's On (feat. MC Tali & Dynamite MC)"
  • Dirtyphonics - "The Secret" (AudioPorn Records, 2010)
  • Dope Ammo - "Cold Rock a Party (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Drumsound & Bassline Smith - "In the Silence (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Eavesdrop - "What Do They Know?" (2013)
  • Eavesdrop - "Sideshow" (2014)
  • Eavesdrop - "This Moment" (2017)
  • E-Z Rollers - "Slow Fire (feat. MC Tali)"
  • E-Z Rollers -"Lets Give In/Liar Liar" (Intercom Recordings 2008)
  • First Man - "Help Them (feat. MC Tali & Blak Twang)"
  • First Man - "Set It Off (feat. MC Tali & Skinnyman)"
  • Fourward - "Facing Fourwards (feat. Tali)" [Audioporn Records 2011]
  • Krust & Die - "Hold It Down (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Krust & Die - "Soul Beat Calling (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Krust & Die - "Sounds of the Culture (feat. MC Tali & Rodney P)"
  • Lynx & Kemo - "The Real Thing (feat. MC Tali & Vaceo)"
  • MayaVanya - "Rockets" (2014)
  • Mutated Forms - "Blue Magic" (SS Remix - New Identity Recordings, 2008)
  • Paramount - "Wanderlust" (Broken Audio 2015)
  • Patife & SUV - "Inta Outa (feat. MC Tali)" (Rock Mix)
  • Patife & SUV - "Inta Outa (feat. MC Tali)" (Surge Remix)
  • Patife & SUV - "Inta Outa (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Roni Size - "Cheeky Monkey (feat. MC Tali & Dynamite MC)"
  • SUV - "Do You Remember Me? (feat. MC Tali)"
  • Severity Zero - "Tapestry" (Fokuz Recordings 2015)
  • The Freestylers - "This City (feat. Tali)"
  • TREi - "Homecoming" (2012)
  • Xilent - "Gravity (feat. Tali)"


  • Do It for Yourself Mixtape, 2007
  • Deep Sound Vol 1 - DJ SS and Influx UK - New Identity Recordings, 2008
  • Soulside Sessions Vol 1 - Free online DnB mix with DJ Emma G, 2011
  • Soulside Sessions Vol 2 - Free online DnB mix with DJ Emma G, 2012
  • Soulside Sessions Vol 3 - Free online DnB mix with DJ Emma G, 2012
  • Soulside Sessions Vol 4- Free online DnB mix with DJ Emma G 2013
  • Soulside Sessions Vol 5- Free online DnB mix with DJ Emma G 2013
  • "Soulside Sessions Vol 6" - Free online DnB mix with DJ Emma G 2014
  • "Soulside Sessions Vol 7" - Free online DnB mix with DJ Emma G 2015
  • "Soulside Sessions Vol 8" - Free online DnB mix with DJ Emma G 2016


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