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Tremaine Johnson is a rapper and producer who is better known by his stage name Tree or MC Tree G. Tree grew up in the Cabrini-Green projects in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Tree is responsible for cultivating his own unique sound called "Soul Trap". Soul Trap is the fusion of the soul music of the past with present-day rap.[1]

He dropped his latest Ep with fellow Chicagoan producer I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. titled I.B.TREE August 2016.

Early career[edit]

Tree's music echoes his upbringing in the Cabrini-Green project, the second largest housing project in Chicago, Illinois.[2] Tree would go to Chicago Salem Church with his Grandmother, where he first developed an interest in music and started singing.[3]

Tree was later forced to move to a different end of the Cabrini- Green projects after his parents separated.[3] He worked many odd jobs, like shining shoes at Shedd Aquarium, the Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's, and for the printing company, Forslund Grabowski, in 2001.[3] While at Forslund Grabowski, Tree started to rap, produce and record seriously.[3] He worked for nine years in the Women's Footwear department at Nordstrom's before leaving to officially pursue his music career.[4] He started recording under the nickname his family had for him, Tree, short for Tremaine.[3]

He received support from the producers of Project Mayhem and started writing music in the 1990s but didn't release any music until 2010.[4]

Tree did not officially release an album until he was 27 years old.[4]

Tree has released six albums since 2012: Sunday School, Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out,The @MCTREEG EP, GOAT, Nothing IS Something and #WE Grown Now. Tree has been recognized by publications such as MTV, Spin, Fader, and Complex.[4]